What I Have That Lolo Jones Doesn’t

So yesterday the Tech Guru and I were watching the Olympic Trials in Track & Field. This is MUST-SEE TV in this house. Lolo Jones, who fell down in Bejing during the 100-m hurdles and totally embarrassed herself, poor thing, came in 3rd in the Finals in Oregon and qualified to go to London representing […]

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Feeling Groovy

Okay so it’s been a little over a month. Shoot me. It’s been busy…but very GOOD busy. I’m keeping this one quick and dirty. First of all, I started working out. Not sporadic bullshit. Not paying a gym membership fees when I never go. Not reading the magazines while never doing the workouts. SERIOUSLY WORKING […]

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So I’ve been doing bootcamp for, what, 5 weeks now? With one week off? I’m starting to see some changes, people!! Legs: starting to look more toned. And about an inch or two off the hips. Weight: down 5 pounds, which puts me squarely BACK into the body of my 20s, thank you very much.  […]

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