So Where Did You Buy YOUR Vagina?

I hate when I’m all late to the news, which is, like, ALL THE TIME. Apparently, there are DESIGNER VAGINAS. NO ONE TOLD ME. Did YOU know there are designer vaginas? I found out that there are designer vaginas when I came across this article which is about how poorly designer vaginas are explained on […]

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What Exactly is She DOING in There?

Several days ago, Punksin handed the Tech Guru her Christmas list. He looked at it, raised an eyebrow, and silently handed it to me. At first glance, I noticed that it was a short list. Only 4 things. Which is good, because we can only fit about 4 more things in our house before it […]

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Your Friendly Local Hacker

I recently came across an old post in which I said I was changing the Tech Guru’s name to Hacker. Guess THAT didn’t stick. I guess Tech Guru is better anyhow, because when it comes to hacking, he’s sort of a White Hacker. I don’t know if you read sci-fi/fantasy as I do, but in […]

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I Am an Internet Stalker…Sort of

Well, not really. There are people who do that kind of thing for reals, and I think for the most part that they should be shot or, at the very least, quarintined and checked for rabies. Why rabies? Well, I was stalked by a squirrel once. It was sort of my fault, actually, because I […]

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Me Like Pretty Things

Okay, I know it’s 2010.  And I know iPads are cool – we have one.  And I know there are all kinds of cool scheduling apps for it.  (Actually, there aren’t as many as I would have thought. Come on, developers, get with the program! Get it? Get with the program? Okay, yes, it’s lame […]

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The Internet

Right now, at this very moment, I find it all so boring…all the twittering, all the blogging, all the websites, all the news, all the videos, just one fat yawn.  The idiot box is no longer the TV-it’s your laptop, sucking you in with a wasteland of crap, enticing you to go on and on […]

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