I Know, I Suck

I know. I know I know I know. I’m still recovering from the flu madness. I would say I’m at about…oh, 85%? What tends to happen to me when I get sick with a cold is that after the cold ends, I am still left with post-nasal drip. This then leads to a sinus infection. […]

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SinusBuster is Busting My Sinuses AND My Ass

Have you seen that commercial for Sinus Buster? The one where the medicine is played by a Mack Truck and they showing it busting through a wall? Yeah. That one. You may recall that my sinuses are evil and trying to kill me, since I wrote about it in a post called, oddly enough,┬áMy Sinuses […]

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My Sinuses Are Evil and They’re Trying To Kill Me

I don’t know what is going on inside the massive cavern of vast and empty space that is my head, but whatever it is…it ain’t good. My sinuses are KILLING ME. Especially the left side. I think the left sinus passage is like, SNOWED IN or something. I have not been able to breathe clearly […]

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