My Latest Obsessions…

…are Impressionist art and the Peloponnesian War. Don’t ask.  I could tell you but I don’t feel like doing that much writing just now.  Suffice it to say that both of them were “birthed” from what I’ve been teaching Punksin.  This is one of the things I love about teaching her – I am learning […]

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Unique Homeschool Materials For Sale?

If you didn’t know, I homeschool my kids. No, I am not any kind of fundamentalist.  I pay my taxes and am not trying to create my own nation.  I do not own a gun.  I homeschool my kids because Punksin is too smart to continue pre-K and, in the town where I live, the […]

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Santa Visits!

I’ve been a little teed off at Punksin’s school since we got the December calendar. Tomorrow, it says in bright letters, is the Chanukkah celebration. Then in a couple of weeks they’ll be celebrating Kwanzaa. The day after that, it notes, is when “Santa Visits“. And that, folks, is it. I am not a religious […]

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