So Where Did You Buy YOUR Vagina?

I hate when I’m all late to the news, which is, like, ALL THE TIME. Apparently, there are DESIGNER VAGINAS. NO ONE TOLD ME. Did YOU know there are designer vaginas? I found out that there are designer vaginas when I came across this article which is about how poorly designer vaginas are explained on […]

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The Kids Started Camp and….yawn

The kids started camp today. Yay! Of course, I did not enjoy my first day of respite. I was waaaaay too wired and tired to enjoy it. First of all, I had to get them up at about 7:30. For those of you with kids that leave the house to attend school, this must be, […]

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,
But Crashes in New Jersey

So I’ve been so busy with my gorgeous and fantabulous sister,¬†who came in from LA for the weekend, and my depression, who also decided to FLY IN FROM HELL, that I forgot to continue the saga of the story where A TREE FELL ON MY FUCKING HOUSE.   Yes. It was awesome. And by awesome […]

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But Crashes in New Jersey

It’s Not PMS and If You Say It Is I’ll Shank You

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been incredibly irritable the past several days. I’m not sure if the Lexapro isn’t working so well, or what it is. Maybe it’s the vacation I keep saying everyone else needs. Clearly I could use one myself. But I think – I think the reason I’m not […]

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Renovations Up the Wazoo

Jeez, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I need to get done around here. No, this is not apropos of the recent argument. This has everything to do with me being bored with the way things are looking around here. When we first moved in, I was all in my British Colonial […]

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