My Life in Bullet Points

I know, I know. It’s been a long while. Which is why I’m reduced to updating you in bullet points, cuz frankly I don’t have the time to type all that shit. Plus, I can’t even remember all of it. Mostly that last part. Here, in no chronological order whatsoever, is my life over the […]

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People, You Really Need to Keep Up

I’ve been sooooooo busy. Really, it’s scary. And to make sure that you don’t miss any important moments in my oh-so-scintillating life, let me give you a bullet-point list on what the hell has been going on. I dyed my hair dark again again. Yes, I know, I think I said some year or so […]

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I Know, I Suck

I know. I know I know I know. I’m still recovering from the flu madness. I would say I’m at about…oh, 85%? What tends to happen to me when I get sick with a cold is that after the cold ends, I am still left with post-nasal drip. This then leads to a sinus infection. […]

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One thing the Tech Guru and I have never been very good at: splitting up. When we became a couple, we did everything together: food shopping, we both went. Any kind of errand, we were both there. You would think that would have changed with the arrival of Punksin and Pudding, but as much as […]

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The Valley of the Shadow of Death

October 4th, 9:00 AM: Punksin has been sick since last Saturday [the 30th] and now that she is on the tail end of it, Pudding is starting to show signs of also coming down with a cold. Throughout the night he has not slept well due to a stuffed nose. He awoke with a slight […]

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A Black Wave Approaches

I have one word for you today: ugh. Add to that: blah. And blech. And any other word that implies feeling like utter crap. It’s not physical, although I think that’s coming. Punksin has been really sick for the past couple of days, fever, coughing, blowing her nose enough to go through a whole box […]

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Let’s All Waste A Lot of Time, Shall We?

Today was Back-to-School Night at the kids’ school. Given that I sent in letters today informing their teachers and the principal that tomorrow would be their last day, I figured they’d realize I wasn’t coming. Apparently, I was wrong. Punksin still had to do a whole bunch of work today that was going to be […]

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Them Hormones Are A-Raging

So yesterday, for some reason, I got into I-want-another-baby mode. Maybe it was because both of the kids were out of the house and I missed them. Maybe it was because my period was ending. Maybe it was because I had lost my mind. I don’t know. But I just thought about how awesome Punksin […]

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I So Need To Be A Vampire

I got an email from my doctor 2 days ago noting that I am extremely low in iron and that we need to do something about it. I’ve always had an iron-deficiency problem, but it seems to be getting worse as I age. Even when I was pregnant my OB-GYN noted that I was low […]

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The Great School Experiment Gets Cut Short

The kids started public school last week. The kids will be coming OUT of public school, THIS week. God does this school suck ass. I had hoped that within a year’s time I would gather enough material to make a book, but to be honest, the stuff I have heard and witnessed and had happen, […]

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