Pet Peeve #983

I have called this list Annoying Things and Pet Peeve and it’s pissing ME off that I’m not being FUCKING CONSISTENT. That right there IS one of the things that annoys me most: inconsistency. However, if you think of that I am going to list something here about MYSELF, you are sadly mistaken. I beat […]

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A Plethora of Pet Peeves

I know: you’ve been reading the past few days of posts and seeing pet peeve after pet peeve after pet peeve and now you’re wondering: what crawled up HER ass? Well, I was wondering that myself. I try as much as possible to be self-aware so that I don’t inflict too much of my bitchiness […]

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Pet Peeve #683

You know what I find so…annoying? AND amazing? The lies that go on in people’s portrayals of themselves. Of course, this sort of thing is rife in the media, with the airbrushing of models who are already stick-thin, and maybe have some acne that needs to be brushed out so that they can look absolutely […]

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