I Am Officially No Longer A Lexapro Ho, Whoo Hoo!!!

Hey folks, I got a song for ya to sing: (to the tune of Happy Birthday – the real version, not the Stevie Wonder MLK version. I hate that crap. I mean, I like the real song but I don’t like to hear it sung at a regular birthday party. It just…rankles.) Congratulations to me, […]

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Yes I Can Still Count

I CAN count, but sometimes I get lost… I was trying to remember how many days ago I started the Lexapro Withdrawal Plan and I’m pleased to report that it’s been NINETEEN DAYS! With really no side effects to speak of. I am now on 2.5 mg of the stuff and after this we go […]

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The Fork in the Fallopian Tubes

I went in for my annual GYN appointment the other day. I’m trying out a new practice. It’s a weird move for me because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my former doctor, but she’s in Connecticut, which means every 6 months or so I’m driving through 3 states to see her. It’s getting to be a […]

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Stress and My Love Affair with Klonopin

It’s interesting how differently stress affects people. Most people I know tell me that when they are stressed out, they take refuge in food, and of course they end up gaining weight. I am the absolute complete opposite. When I am stressed, I stop eating altogether. I eat because someone reminds me to, or I […]

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Mixing It Up

I’m thinking that taking a Klonopin pill with a nice topped off glass of wine, rather than the advised glass of water, is not such a good idea. And yet, that’s JUST what I just did. JUST…as in a few minutes ago. Today has been a doozy and it’s probably about to get wilder or […]

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The kids were not supposed to be in camp this week. However, I managed to sign them up at the last minute. The new swim team that I want Punksin to get on has finally announced their try-out schedules (a month from now) and I wanted to make sure she got practice, since she’s really […]

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