Them Darned Homuhsexshuls

So apparently – yes, I’m going to jump right in as though I was just here yesterday – an Episcopalian priest in my community (meaning cultural, not necessarily where I LIVE) has been defrocked for his views on homosexuality and gay marriage. Apparently, he doesn’t agree with the Episcopal Church’s relatively new views on blessing […]

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Yes I Can Still Count

I CAN count, but sometimes I get lost… I was trying to remember how many days ago I started the Lexapro Withdrawal Plan and I’m pleased to report that it’s been NINETEEN DAYS! With really no side effects to speak of. I am now on 2.5 mg of the stuff and after this we go […]

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Things I Learned Over the Weekend

A sick 5-year old is VERY VERY MISERABLE. A sick 5-year old often results in a sick mommy. Chuck E. Cheese sucks ass even more than I thought: their latest TV ads promote birthdays as being “funner” at Chuck E. Cheese. FUNNER? REALLY? Thank GOD I have taught my kids to hate you and your […]

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What I’m Giving Up for Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, and if I had made any progress yet in taking off my pajamas, I would be in church by now, getting my forehead daubed with ashes to remind me that one day I will be ash again.  (Although if all goes as I plan, I won’t be ash, I’ll be fish […]

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So it occurred to me that, some time ago, I had promised I would think of things to be thankful for on a fairly regular basis. It hasn’t exactly been happening. And I figured, what with the recent posts about people who have been Pissing Me the Hell Off, it was time to get back […]

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Santa Visits!

I’ve been a little teed off at Punksin’s school since we got the December calendar. Tomorrow, it says in bright letters, is the Chanukkah celebration. Then in a couple of weeks they’ll be celebrating Kwanzaa. The day after that, it notes, is when “Santa Visits“. And that, folks, is it. I am not a religious […]

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