I Should SO Be in London Right Now

I swear, listening to Andrea Whats-her-face asking the Olympic swimmers questions after they come out of the pool, is only slightly less annoying than driving pencils into my eyeballs. What is this woman getting PAID for? Michael Phelps lost one of his races. I mean, REALLY lost. No gold, no silver, no bronze. Which means, […]

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Pet Peeve #174

I hate when someone asks you to do something, and you’re not quite sure how to go about it, so you ask for clarification, and they pretty much just REPEAT THE SAME WORDS THEY SAID, which offers ZERO by way of clarification. If I didn’t understand what you meant the FIRST time you said it, […]

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If you’ve read my About page – and really, by now, you should have – you know that I hate reality shows. I mean, HATE THEM WITH A PASSION. There’s nothing remotely REAL about the Kardashians and they life they live. Or the Basketball Wives. Or whoever the hell else is on there, I don’t […]

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Spam is a pain in the ass. Not Spam in the CAN. That’s just vile stuff and yet…I must admit to occasional hankerings for it. Then I remind myself that I have no idea WHAT part of the pig that stuff comes from – or even if it’s totally pig – and I can usually […]

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Nepotism, Why It Sucks, and Why it Has No Place in Girl Scouts

So Punksin had her Girl Scout bridging ceremony last week. This is where she goes from being a Brownie to a Junior. Have I gone into details of why I am not really loving her troop right now? It’s that Girl Clique shit. I hate it. And the girls in her troop are being cliquey […]

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Delusions of Grandeur

One of my great-grandfathers used to talk about people who walked around with “delusions of grandeur,” this idea of their own overwhelming importance. I would say that definitely has to apply with Beyonce and Jay-Z, given all I’ve heard about the prep that went into the arrival of their baby. I mean, they have lots […]

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Annoying Thing #1 and Ewok Porn

I’ve decided I’m going to post about things that annoy me. Just in case you didn’t figure that out from the title. No, I’m not trying to be negative or anything. At least, that’s not my intent right now. Not all of it is going to be things that piss me off. Things that piss […]

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Habitual Line-Steppers

This is one of my favorite lines from the saga of Rick James as told by Charlie Murphy on the Dave Chappelle show. I get so tired of habitual line-steppers. I have one in my life who is, unfortunately, a family member and from the time we were teens she has continually crossed the line […]

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Why What You Wear Matters

Okay, so this whole Inez Sainz thing. Which you can read about here cuz I’m already too far into my rant to go back and explain it to you. I get that she is a female sports reporter who is just trying to do her job. And I agree that she should be able to […]

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[Audio clip: view full post to listen] (play me) I saw this little tidbit of wisdom a couple of days ago on Facebook.   I refuse to “like” any bullshit with hearts after it because it all comes from apps made by people hiding out in Slovakia who are just looking to harvest your personal […]

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