When Blackface Isn’t Blackface

OMG. I cannot believe the backlash against this photo. Blackface? REALLY? First of all, this doesn’t look like blackface to me. There was/is nothing remotely pretty about Blackface. It’s a very ugly crude caricature of what are supposedly typically “Negroid” features: dark skin, bigger lips and nose than European features…it’s ugly, because those features were […]

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Um, Yeah, I Didn’t Tell You But We Have a Baby

Did I not tell you? I don’t think I told you. Maybe I did but I’m too lazy to go back into my own archives to check. Anyhow, last December, early in the month, we brought this little guy into the family. His name  – savor this, because this is the only family member without […]

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Oh, Chris Brown, What is WRONG With You

I’m not a HUGE follower of pop culture. Most of it is total crap these days. When you have reality shows based on watching people act ghetto or redneck, and most of today’s songs are some variation of “ooh, baby, baby” about waking up next to someone you don’t remember after a night of senseless […]

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And The Award For WORST MOTHER Goes To…

Sigh. Boy, did I screw up today. ROYALLY. Yesterday evening, I looked at Pudding’s parka, and it looked a smidge dirty around the neck, so I decided to throw it in the wash. And, for good measure, I threw Punksin’s in too. Today, we’re about to go and run some errands, so I run into […]

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Pet Peeve #537

THIS pet peeve has GOT to be on everyone’s list. Can SOMEONE, ANYONE, explain to me, why it is that when you BUY something, the money disappears from your account before you even exit the damn store, but when it’s time for them to give you BACK your money, the process is slower than molasses […]

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God, Please Turn Me into a Computer

So I wrote a post the other day, and I was trying to include video, and it was just NOT WORKING. I used Youtube’s old code, the new code, the Morse code, any fucking code I could think of, and the damn video just would not show up. After wasting about 30 minutes of my […]

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Let’s All Waste A Lot of Time, Shall We?

Today was Back-to-School Night at the kids’ school. Given that I sent in letters today informing their teachers and the principal that tomorrow would be their last day, I figured they’d realize I wasn’t coming. Apparently, I was wrong. Punksin still had to do a whole bunch of work today that was going to be […]

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Pet Peeve #983

I have called this list Annoying Things and Pet Peeve and it’s pissing ME off that I’m not being FUCKING CONSISTENT. That right there IS one of the things that annoys me most: inconsistency. However, if you think of that I am going to list something here about MYSELF, you are sadly mistaken. I beat […]

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A Weekend of Sisterhood in Chicago

I just came back from Chicago – spent the weekend there with my super fabulous sister Denise. It was a good trip and rather spur of the moment (as in, less than a month’s planning). She was going and…I decided to tag along for protective purposes. I’m glad I went. For both of us. She […]

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Things I Learned Over the Weekend

A sick 5-year old is VERY VERY MISERABLE. A sick 5-year old often results in a sick mommy. Chuck E. Cheese sucks ass even more than I thought: their latest TV ads promote birthdays as being “funner” at Chuck E. Cheese. FUNNER? REALLY? Thank GOD I have taught my kids to hate you and your […]

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