OMG It’s Been Like Forever!

It’s been a long time, huh. So much has happened I dont even quite know where to begin. Living in NJ, we got pretty badly hit by Hurricane Sandy. WE as in the state, but our house suffered minimal damage and we only lost power for 19 hours. We still have no cable or internet, […]

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RunMotherf#&^erRunRainpocalypse Part 2

Well, it’s sort of part 1. I mean, nothing has really happened yet. I went out this morning to grab some milk because I NEED MILK FOR MY TEA. That is NOT NEGOTIABLE. There was already a fairly large branch downed in the driveway. I threw that sucker down the hill, got in my birthday […]

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RunMotherF&#%erRunRainpocalypse, AKA Hurricane Sandy

I so wish I could take credit for that awesome name for Hurricane Sandy but the truth is, a friend of mine from high school came up with it and I found it MUCH more hilarious than Frankenstorm. I mean, I get the Halloween reference but it’s rather…lame. So, here I am, on the cusp […]

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