And The Advice Column Begins

Waaay back when, I promised you that you would be seeing a re-do of the site. Well, I’ve been a little slow about it. The photo shoot that needs to happen for the re-do…hasn’t happened. The artwork that needs to happen…hasn’t happened. Both things are kind of my fault, because I haven’t SCHEDULED the photo […]

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I Am an Internet Stalker…Sort of

Well, not really. There are people who do that kind of thing for reals, and I think for the most part that they should be shot or, at the very least, quarintined and checked for rabies. Why rabies? Well, I was stalked by a squirrel once. It was sort of my fault, actually, because I […]

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Spam is a pain in the ass. Not Spam in the CAN. That’s just vile stuff and yet…I must admit to occasional hankerings for it. Then I remind myself that I have no idea WHAT part of the pig that stuff comes from – or even if it’s totally pig – and I can usually […]

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Timing Is Everything

So, in order to catch up on my NaNoWriMo writing (in case you hadn’t peeped the numbers to the right, I am woefully behind), I am going away this weekend on a writerly retreat to do some serious kick-ass writing.  And probably next weekend too. What sucks, though, is that my oh so fabulous period […]

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HERE! I’m Over HERE!

I have to say right from the start, that I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. Really. I am grateful for every pair of eyes that takes the time to sit down and read the words of wisdom retarded shit I have to say.  Really. A lot of my friends have been finding the blog through […]

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Punksin Gets A Job on CSI: New York

Today I felt like shit (bad cold) and the Tech Guru went out before work and got us some bagels. He got two for me, and I left one sitting there until about mid-afternoon, at which point, Pudding decided that he wanted to eat it. So I let him have it. Of course immediately after […]

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Why What You Wear Matters

Okay, so this whole Inez Sainz thing. Which you can read about here cuz I’m already too far into my rant to go back and explain it to you. I get that she is a female sports reporter who is just trying to do her job. And I agree that she should be able to […]

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The Poop Story: A Picture Book

I think right about here I should clarify/point out some stuff: Personally, I have no problem with porn, but I do not watch internet porn. There’s no point to seeing a man’s business on a goddamn computer when I can go face to face up close and personal. Wait…that didn’t come out right. In case […]

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Desperate Pickup Lines

Cyanide & Happiness @

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The REAL Consequences of That Not-So-Fresh Feeling

The Tech Guru often comes home complaining about a certain lack of…hygiene amongst some of the peeps in his office.  I don’t think the airflow in there is so hot to begin with and then you add to that some b.o. and boy, you’ve got problems. (And headaches, according to the Tech Guru.) Most of […]

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