Sick As A What?

Why do people say “sick as a dog“? I mean, do dogs often get sick? And when they do, do they FEEL AS SHITTY AS I DO RIGHT NOW? Anyhow, whatever the history behind THAT phrase (I’ll have to look it up now because I know YOU won’t), I am THAT kind of sick. I […]

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DQ Does NOT Mean Dairy Queen

So there was OTHER shitty stuff about yesterday that I didn’t get into. Yesterday was Punksin’s first OUTSIDE meet. I’m trying to think of ways in which it could have been worse. I’ll start with the good news, though, because there is some. The good news is, she’s over it. The good news is, her […]

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What I Have That Lolo Jones Doesn’t

So yesterday the Tech Guru and I were watching the Olympic Trials in Track & Field. This is MUST-SEE TV in this house. Lolo Jones, who fell down in Bejing during the 100-m hurdles and totally embarrassed herself, poor thing, came in 3rd in the Finals in Oregon and qualified to go to London representing […]

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A New Slogan for Crossfit

Thanks to my pal Pam Satran over at How Not to Act Old, who directed me to another hilarious blog called Awful Library Books, I came across an absolute gem of a book circa 1980. All this time I’ve been thinking about how I want to get toned or fit or in shape.  I even […]

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It’s Official…

…I now weigh exactly what I weighed when I entered college 22 years ago. Now I’ve been wanting to tone myself but this is not what I had in mind.  Even back then, I was happy when I put on the freshman 15.  It made me look healthy.  Before that – and now – I […]

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I Totally Forgot…

what I was going to write about! Oh. Now this is ironic. What I was going to write about was some lame post about how my knees hurt whenever it rains and how that doesn’t make me feel old, because my knees have been hurting with the weather ever since I was 12 years old […]

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