I Wish Taylor Swift Would STFU

I was never a Taylor Swift fan. However, I did give her a slight nod of the head of respect when she first….FIRST….came out with the FIRST song in which she blatantly blurted out her feelings about a relationship gone sour. It was her prerogative, I thought, to voice her feelings and where else would […]

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Awesomeness Personified

This is short, cuz I have things to do, people, okay? But I wanted to share this with you, because this is…   This is Punksin killing people with her wicked breaststroke. WICKED, I tell you. WICKED. It’s her best stroke. Probably because most of the power comes from the legs, and I know for […]

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I’m Tired of Kids That Are Twats

Really. I am. I work SO FUCKING HARD to make sure my kids are NOT twats. They are not perfect. NO one is perfect. But they know to say please and thank you. They know not to be greedy. They know not to be rude to other people. They know not to be mean and […]

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Um, Yeah, I Didn’t Tell You But We Have a Baby

Did I not tell you? I don’t think I told you. Maybe I did but I’m too lazy to go back into my own archives to check. Anyhow, last December, early in the month, we brought this little guy into the family. His name  – savor this, because this is the only family member without […]

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It’s Not TOTALLY That I’m Lazy

I’ve been WANTING to write, and I’ve been WANTING to post pictures and video and shit and MY MAC WON”T FUCKING COOPERATE. It’s sort of my fault…I think. I think I need to upgrade my OS. And until I do that, when I try to connect my phone to the computer to import the damn […]

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Snow. And Then…More Snow. And Then…More. Snow. AGAIN.

Okay, I know I should stop bitching, because it IS winter, and it IS February. I DON’T CARE. I HATE SNOW. It’s lovely to look at, if by look at you understand me to mean gazing at a picture of it as I sit on the beach of some Caribbean island drinking a pina colada, […]

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Them Darned Homuhsexshuls

So apparently – yes, I’m going to jump right in as though I was just here yesterday – an Episcopalian priest in my community (meaning cultural, not necessarily where I LIVE) has been defrocked for his views on homosexuality and gay marriage. Apparently, he doesn’t agree with the Episcopal Church’s relatively new views on blessing […]

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I Know, I Suck

I know. I know I know I know. I’m still recovering from the flu madness. I would say I’m at about…oh, 85%? What tends to happen to me when I get sick with a cold is that after the cold ends, I am still left with post-nasal drip. This then leads to a sinus infection. […]

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I’ve Lost A Week of My Life

The sick as a dog thing? THAT WENT ON FOR. E. VER. I feel as though I have just emerged from a coma and am trying to reclaim my life. The house is a mess. No recycling has been done. My hair is a bird’s nest. I haven’t cooked, showered, written, or done anything beyond […]

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Sick As A What?

Why do people say “sick as a dog“? I mean, do dogs often get sick? And when they do, do they FEEL AS SHITTY AS I DO RIGHT NOW? Anyhow, whatever the history behind THAT phrase (I’ll have to look it up now because I know YOU won’t), I am THAT kind of sick. I […]

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