Mercury is in Retrograde and Jupiter is Jumping Over the Moon or Something

Now, don’t ask me what the hell that means, cuz I really don’t know. What I HAVE been told is that mercury in retrograde leads to all kinds of miscommunications and misunderstandings and just oddness in general. Which makes sense, considering the past couple of days. I’ve been getting annoyed by people I like and […]

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Let’s All Waste A Lot of Time, Shall We?

Today was Back-to-School Night at the kids’ school. Given that I sent in letters today informing their teachers and the principal that tomorrow would be their last day, I figured they’d realize I wasn’t coming. Apparently, I was wrong. Punksin still had to do a whole bunch of work today that was going to be […]

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Rough Seas Ahead

Okay, full disclosure here: the post in which I said that it was time to bid Lexapro adieu, I wrote that yesterday, but didn’t publish it until today. Meaning that last night was the first night in which I reduced my dosage of Lexapro. Meaning that today was the first day of dealing with it. […]

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My Staycation of Sorts

Today was a FABULOUS day. The kids and I took a field trip with a huge bunch of homeschoolers down to Sandy Hook. I’d never been and although the beach doesn’t hold a CANDLE to the pristine beaches and waters of the Caribbean, it was a wonderful experience for the kids. They learned a lot […]

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Really, The Last Time I’m Discussing Ewok Porn Ever

So the Tech Guru reads the last post, and he’s all like, you’re making a bigger deal of this, when we were talking about Ewoks it wasn’t — I didn’t hear the rest because I just shut him out. Why is he fucking with my world? This is MY WEBSITE. And I will TALK ABOUT […]

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So I’ve been doing bootcamp for, what, 5 weeks now? With one week off? I’m starting to see some changes, people!! Legs: starting to look more toned. And about an inch or two off the hips. Weight: down 5 pounds, which puts me squarely BACK into the body of my 20s, thank you very much.  […]

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SAMHSA’s Depressive Disorders Info

From the website of SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), a blurb on depressive disorders: Depression: Beyond the blues Everybody gets the blues sometimes—but depression is very different from the blues. About 18.8 million Americans experience depressive disorders that affect how they sleep, eat, feel about themselves, and live their lives. Depression has […]

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BlogHer 2010

Well, that was interesting. The thing I hate about these things is that you can feel so lost. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being there and really got some good concrete information out of it.  Best of all, I came away feeling renewed energy for writing, and a real desire to get my ass […]

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Bootcamp Slacker

It’s not actually bootcamp where I’m slacking.  It’s writing about bootcamp that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Suffice it to say that I finished my first month, I went to every single session, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, for my energy level, for my […]

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Bootcamp Day 3

All cardio, all day. Well, okay, not all day, just a whole hour. But still! It felt like all day to me. We did timed miles.  I was aiming for an 11-minute mile but I think I farted out a measly 13-minute.  Ugh! Can you tell I don’t run anymore? Who IS this person? Still, […]

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