When Things Are Too Evil To Contemplate

I am writing only because right now I am so horrified that I am hoping that by venting it, I will release some of the horror, repugnance, sadness and nausea that is building up right now. I just read a report of a man who is on trial for killing the 6-month old baby girl […]

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Them Darned Homuhsexshuls

So apparently – yes, I’m going to jump right in as though I was just here yesterday – an Episcopalian priest in my community (meaning cultural, not necessarily where I LIVE) has been defrocked for his views on homosexuality and gay marriage. Apparently, he doesn’t agree with the Episcopal Church’s relatively new views on blessing […]

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Me Me Me It’s All About Me

This year, yesirree it fucking is. I am going to start doing around here, the same shit I started doing at my last job when it became apparent that they wished I would just have the baby and fucking disappear. THE MINIMUM AMOUNT POSSIBLE TO GET OVER. For the past 8 years, I have devoted […]

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Happy New Year’s MoFos!

Happy 2013. 2012…I don’t even know what to say about 2012. It was an ass-kicker of gargantuan proportions. In sooooo many ways. For 2013…my plan is to take matters into my hands, as much as I can. Less passivity and just letting shit HAPPEN, and more MAKING shit happen. I need to do this, if […]

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The Sounds of Silence

I know…it’s been a while. There’s been a lot going on at home, and when I get a minute to breathe, which probably won’t be until AFTER Christmas, I’ll fill you in on some of the drama… But, there’s the Newtown thing. Things like that happen and I struggle, as a writer, with how to […]

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Hold On, I’m Having A Moment Here

Did I mention I stopped taking ALL my meds? Yup. ALL OF IT. I stopped the Lexapro, which I believe I actually wrote about during the process. And then I was just on the Wellbutrin and I felt like I was taking sugar pills, so I stopped THOSE cold turkey, and I guess I could […]

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One thing the Tech Guru and I have never been very good at: splitting up. When we became a couple, we did everything together: food shopping, we both went. Any kind of errand, we were both there. You would think that would have changed with the arrival of Punksin and Pudding, but as much as […]

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DQ Does NOT Mean Dairy Queen

So there was OTHER shitty stuff about yesterday that I didn’t get into. Yesterday was Punksin’s first OUTSIDE meet. I’m trying to think of ways in which it could have been worse. I’ll start with the good news, though, because there is some. The good news is, she’s over it. The good news is, her […]

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Today The Dragon Won

I sit here at my computer and feel as though blood should be dripping on the keys. But, my wounds are internal, unseen, untended. Sigh. Today the dragon came and he did not find a white dragon waiting for him. I tried SO hard to be that white dragon, today of all days, but…I failed. […]

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What Dreams May Come

A few days ago I was walking around in my house and a memory came back to me with such swiftness and ferocity that I literally stumbled. The funny thing is, it’s not that this was my first time remembering this old dream. It was just my first time actually connecting it with reality. The […]

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