Happy New Year’s MoFos!

Happy 2013. 2012…I don’t even know what to say about 2012. It was an ass-kicker of gargantuan proportions. In sooooo many ways. For 2013…my plan is to take matters into my hands, as much as I can. Less passivity and just letting shit HAPPEN, and more MAKING shit happen. I need to do this, if […]

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Um, Yeah, THAT’S A Religion

We were driving home from – where else, swim practice – the other day, when Punksin noticed a dearth of holiday lights on the houses we were passing. “Mommy, how come a lot of these houses don’t have up Christmas lights?” she asked. “Because everyone’s too fucking broke from RunMotherFuckerRunRainPocalypse Sandy,” is what I SHOULD […]

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And The Advice Column Begins

Waaay back when, I promised you that you would be seeing a re-do of the site. Well, I’ve been a little slow about it. The photo shoot that needs to happen for the re-do…hasn’t happened. The artwork that needs to happen…hasn’t happened. Both things are kind of my fault, because I haven’t SCHEDULED the photo […]

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