I’m Back Part 2

I know, I know!

I said I was back and then…I disappeared again.

I’m sorry.

It’s not you, it’s me.  Seriously.

Life has been so crazy busy that it’s just out of control right now, but in a good way.

I think.

Well, sometimes.

It would be ridiculous to try to catch you up on EVERYTHING that has happened so here are the most important parts:

  1. Punksin is now taller than I am. Like, not a SMIDGEN taller. Taller as in, when I feel like crying, I can put my head on her shoulders. She is beautiful and yet it fucking kills me.
  2. Um, Prince died on April 21st. You probably know this by now, it’s not like he only created the soundtrack to MY life, but this has really just done me in. I am getting better, but…wow. There is no way to quantify OR qualify how much his music was a part of my life. More than any other artist, he SPOKE to me, and throw on almost any of his songs and some memory from some part of my life comes zooming at me. I am just stunned and upset that he is gone, and so suddenly. So it bore noting.
  3. 2016 started off with a flurry of health issues. On January 2nd Punksin got the flu. About a week or so later she developed pneumonia. This put a serious dent in her swimming progress although she managed to eke out 4 qualifying times for Junior Olympics. Then…PUDDING got pneumonia! And RIGHT after he was done with that, he got struck with appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery on March 2nd. So, they’ve been keeping me busy.

I don’t know if I said this before and I am too lazy busy to go and check, but I am changing the kids’ names. Punksin and Pudding were their “baby” names, for when they were still SHORTER THAN I AM. (HE still is but it won’t last much longer.) So I’m going to start using the names I use when I refer to them on other social media: The Butterfly, so named because it is her best loved stroke and she kills in it, and The Supreme Overlord, so named because he can be so damn ornery that we’ve taken to sometimes humming The Imperial March from Star Wars when he is around. OMG this kid can be grumpy. He is funny and witty and intelligent but ornery as FUCK. So, yeah.

Um, what else?

There’s more I’m sure but thats all I have for RIGHT NOW. I DO, however, have a story waiting for you that I will put down within a day or so, if only to prove to myself that THAT SHIT REALLY HAPPENED.

Stay tuned.

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