People, You Really Need to Keep Up

I’ve been sooooooo busy.

Really, it’s scary.

And to make sure that you don’t miss any important moments in my oh-so-scintillating life, let me give you a bullet-point list on what the hell has been going on.

  • I dyed my hair dark again again. Yes, I know, I think I said some year or so back that I would NEVER EVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN, but…you know what they say, once you go black…LOL. Seriously, the real fiasco was that back THEN, I did not know how to undo the color once I got sick of it (which I am guaranteed to do, you can safely bet money on THAT). Now, I know how to undo it when I’m bored. So for now…it’s NAVY BLUE, people. NAVY BLUE.
  • I am taking on online course (non-credit) with Coursera on the Ancient Greeks. The cool thing is, the class is being taught by a prof at my alma mater. I don’t know if he was there when I was there, but it still makes me feel connected. I should actually be studying RIGHT NOW, but I have a headache the size of Kansas so I’m waiting for the FOUR ADVIL I took to kick on and GOD those fuckers are taking FOREVER. Anyhow, it’s fabulous (the course, not my headache), and it has really done some wonderful things for my…life plan. Because…I realized…I can study. Somehow, although I have always loved school and studying, I just didn’t know how or when I would ever be able to fit in school again, at least not until my own were much older. But…it’s working. I mean, this is one course, granted, and non-credit at that, but I DO have readings and lectures to view every night, and tests, and just doing it in this sort of no-pressure way has gotten me stoked about studying again. So now…
  • I’ve been looking at Master’s/Doctoral programs again. And I’m…excited and scared and…apprehensive too, not so much about if I can do it, but SHOULD I do it when I have two children who are going to need college money one day, a day that is coming ALL TOO SOON? But then I think that…I should just have faith. Not that I shouldn’t put thought into it and go willy-nilly headlong into throwing money at a university, but that if I can prove to myself that that degree will MAKE me money, and if I can continue to push my children to excel, maybe between my paycheck and their scholarships, we’ll be okay. MAYBE. I really have to give that more thought, but the bottom line is, I don’t want to cross out doing it without thinking hard about it, and I don’t want to go INTO doing it, without thinking hard about it. But I do know that in some way shape or form, I do want to continue studying.
  • I am still trying to find a vet to vasectomize Wolfie. I live close to NYC and so it always astounds me when I cannot find someone who is on the cutting edge of their field IMMEDIATELY. I mean, isn’t NY the center of the universe? Vets in Colorado, Florida, sure, but still searching for one here in the tri-state area. I have two I am going to call tomorrow. If they both say no, then I may contact the one in Florida and see if I can make a road trip. Yes, I am serious. ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS.
  • Um…I think that’s it. I mean, school is enough. The kids’ schooling is getting more intense, and Punksin’s swimming is becoming life-consuming in my quest for (her) perfection. Not that I want or need HER to be perfect, I just want to be sure she is doing as well as SHE can possibly do. So she started a clinic yesterday for Competitive Strokes, because she is off for a month. Even though we’re only a week in, even SHE is starting to feel antsy. At the clinic yesterday, the instructor, who HAPPENS to be the coach of the team 2 levels up from her (her team has several levels: Junior, Bronze, which is where Punksin is, Silver, Gold, Senior 2 and Senior 1) saw her breaststroke and was floored. She kept on complimenting Punksin on it and said she can’t wait for her to get up to Gold level. This is good. This is VERY VERY good. So there’s that, and then trying to figure out what the kids will be doing in the summer.
  • And, it’s only fair to mention that my adorable Pudding, who has had trouble getting HIS swimming together for so long…well, something clicked. He is taking a class, same Level 2 class that he failed twice and then finally passed, only to have the instructor whisper to me, “I’m passing him but…I REALLY think he would benefit from taking it again, to be honest.” And he was right, he was so so right, my poor Pudding was not ready yet, but I was so so grateful for this teacher’s compassion and concern and although I declared that we were “taking a break” so that Pudding could grow some more and have a respite from this pressure of passing, I was happy that to him, at least, he was going out on a high note. But NOW. You should SEE this kid in the water. His technique is…well, what technique? He has none, really. His technique sucks. But he’s confident, he knows how to move through the water, he knows how to hold his head and get air, and he knows how to stay afloat and get where he needs to go. And THAT, is the beginning. THAT is the beginning, the lack of floundering, the realization that, hey, I can breathe, I can freestyle, I can lift my head, get air, not sink, go back down, and keep it moving, without stopping at a wall or drowning. THAT, is where he is. And he may never be as good as Punksin is, it’s WAY too early to tell, but I want him to be comfortable in the water for his own safety, and I want him to have fun. And if he IS good, I want him to be the best he can be. Right now, he wants to try out for her team in the fall, and…if he is ready, I’ll let him. Because I LOVE THROWING MONEY AT THE SWIM TEAM. It is AWESOME.

Yeah, now that I think of it, I’m here talking about the kids needing money for COLLEGE, Jesus Christ, the swim team alone is worth me getting another job. DAMN it.

Sigh. But…they’re my babies, my two little water babies, (Pisces and Cancer, hello?) so…whether it’s swimming or tennis or…whatever they want to do, as I tell them, I will make sure they are able to get as far as their own talent can take them. It will not be for lack of instruction that they don’t get where they want to go.

Okay, I hope you are all caught up because there will be a test on this later. Extra credit will be given to those giving the instructor (that would be me) a drink with gin or vodka in it.

For now, I need to go and attempt to study and hope I can SEE THE WORDS FROM BEHIND THE VEIL OF THIS MONSTROSITY OF A HEADACHE that I have.

Good night. Love, peace, and cheesecake.

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