People, You Really Need to Keep Up

I’ve been sooooooo busy. Really, it’s scary. And to make sure that you don’t miss any important moments in my oh-so-scintillating life, let me give you a bullet-point list on what the hell has been going on. I dyed my hair dark again again. Yes, I know, I think I said some year or so […]

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To Snip or Not To Snip, That Is The Question

You may recall – I did tell you, didn’t I? – that the people we got Wolfie from were not reputable breeders as they seem to have thought, but bona fide assholes. Well, it gets better. Apparently, Wolfie has an undescended testicle, which for those of you in love with difficult words and tongue twisters, […]

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I Wish Taylor Swift Would STFU

I was never a Taylor Swift fan. However, I did give her a slight nod of the head of respect when she first….FIRST….came out with the FIRST song in which she blatantly blurted out her feelings about a relationship gone sour. It was her prerogative, I thought, to voice her feelings and where else would […]

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