Them Darned Homuhsexshuls

So apparently – yes, I’m going to jump right in as though I was just here yesterday – an Episcopalian priest in my community (meaning cultural, not necessarily where I LIVE) has been defrocked for his views on homosexuality and gay marriage. Apparently, he doesn’t agree with the Episcopal Church’s relatively new views on blessing same-sex unions and gay priests.

And so, in a move to oust him, the Diocese or the whole body of the church, I don’t know, moved to cast him out, but did so on the basis of some supposedly misappropriated funds.

To this, my aunt went ballistic, claiming that the Church is only mad that he is not going along with the whole disgusting sinfulness and that he actually refuses to cave in and support the wickedness.


This makes me sad. Because…you know, she HAS gay friends. And I just don’t get that. If you’re so righteously ANTI-gay, then how does that work? You’re friends with gay people but…you think it’s unholy and disgusting. Do the gay FRIENDS know that? Does THAT come up in conversation, that you think they’re perverted sinners in the eyes of God?

And it takes me into the whole hypocrisy thing because this whole incident just fucking REEKS of it. You’re a priest, you follow the teachings of Jesus, but you are anti-gay. WTF? I mean, glass houses? Stones? Ringing any fucking bells here? I’m not saying you have to go wrap yourself in a fucking rainbow, but live and let live. Judge not lest ye be judged and all that, you know? If you really believe in God, and the stuff in the Bible (which no one ever wants to acknowledge was written – and EDITED – by man), then leave it to Him to decide. You don’t want to get bonked in the butt, good for you. Don’t. Why the fuck do YOU care what’s going down in someone else’s bedroom?

So there’s THAT hypocrisy. Then there’s the hypocrisy of the church at large for kicking him out under some POSSIBLY trumped up charges. I say POSSIBLY because this priest is actually a distant relative and my grandmother has always told me stories about him and money, and how tight the two of them are. Now, that doesn’t necessarily make him a thief, but my grandmother, who has admittedly always been suspicious of EVERYONE, seemed to know quite a few whisperings back in the day about his supposed shenanigans. So whether or not this money stuff is true, I don’t know. But, if they really want him out due to his disagreements with the church, then…FUCKING SAY SO. We believe X. You believe Y. We think it’s best if we part ways since what you believe does not fit in with what we believe, and technically, you work for us, so you kind of need to be in agreement with us on some shit. I mean, it’s the church, not an office job. It doesn’t make sense for me to go work for a mosque if I don’t believe Mohammed was the Prophet, right? DUH. Why the bullshit runaround?

So there’s THAT hypocrisy.

Then there’s my aunt spouting, venting, ranting even (yes, it runs in the family), trying to be supportive but saying how he doesn’t support this nasty disgusting lifestyle. Well, okay, if it’s so disgusting and nasty and an abominable sin in the eyes of God why do you associate with gay people? I mean, I just don’t get that. Me, I’m not gay. I don’t “believe” in it or “not believe” in it. The only thing I believe is that it’s none of my fucking business unless I’m sleeping with you. Really. Beyond that, if it’s a sin, well, God will sort that out, but until then, me and you, we’re cool, because guess what, I’ll probably get my ass kicked for some OTHER shit at the Pearly Gates, so what? But these same priests who are so vehemently against gays, they have performed marriages between previously married people, as in divorced. Well, guess what? The Bible calls that adultery. And there’s actually a COMMANDMENT against adultery but…I don’t see one against being gay. So what, we’re picking and choosing what’s okay? How are we going to say the priests refuse to bow to current conventions and support the wickednes? Well, they already are, with the adultery thing, right?  They’re doing it now because by now, it’s socially acceptable (unless you’re Catholic and even THEY have workarounds).

Which is why I say, fuck all this shit. I am very deeply spiritual. I believe in Jesus. I believe in the Bible as a Holy Book but I do NOT believe it is totally the ONLY WORD OF GOD. Sorry, not when I know how many people have gotten their grubby little hands on it to amend it and edit it and take shit out and put stuff in, all so it could say what the fuck THEY wanted it to say. Why do people think there was a King James Version? VERSION. I mean, it’s right there in the word. His VERSION of the Bible, as created by the Biblical scholars of his time. Give me a fucking break. It’s been a tool of oppression and control in the hands of people who do not want to live peacefully, who do not want to love one another as God loved them, who do not want to judge not lest they be judged, but who just want to CONTROL people and put them under their own proverbial thumbs.

Fuck that.

I live in a glass house, okay? So I’m not throwing ANY fucking stones at anyone else and telling them they are abominations in the eyes of God or that they are sinners. If you believe in sin, we’re ALL sinners, it’s just that some of us do different shit. I haven’t killed anyone recently, have you? Okay. Does that leave me in the clear? No.  We can forgive killers on death row but not homosexuals? And who the fuck said they need forgiving? And IF they do, if you want to say they do, well, whose job is that? YOURS? Really? Who died and made YOU God?  WHO MADE ANY OF US GOD?

You know, people used to laugh at the WWJD bracelets and songs and the whole slogan thing, it was like a goddamn marketing scheme, but…it sort of works. What WOULD Jesus do? Maybe if more people considered not just how he died but how he lived (as much as we know of it, of course) and let themselves be guided by that and being more Christ-like and less bombastic and full of self-righteous pomp…ahh, the world could be a better place.

Let the Church say AMEN.


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4 Responses to “Them Darned Homuhsexshuls”

  1. Adina says:

    Look who has come back to life! About time!

    As for the entire matter of gay rights and the church – agree with your point: hello, glass house! Let them be, it is none of our business. Every religion is teaching tolerance and peace and the more religious one is, the less one is tolerant and peaceful. What the hell is up with that?

    I have no patience for self-righteousness. I get all self-righteous when it comes to that. 🙂

  2. Rachael says:

    Holy crap. I just stumbled onto your blog. I’m not even really sure how I made it here, but boy am I glad I did. Not only do I like your style and bluntness, but your views are awesome. Thanks for having my back!

    • Leila says:

      It’s just bullshit Rachael. It reminds me of the civil rights movement back in the 60s, when people got along with each other side by side but when it came to voting for Black people having equal rights, they were totally against it. Love thy neighbor was okay, but loving the people as a whole was a whole other story. They need to start a whole other religion called What Would Jesus Do, and run with that. The only problem is, Jesus wasn’t a power-hungry son of a bitch who wanted to use his teachings to tell everyone what to do. So I’m guessing the only folks who would be down with that religion are the ones who are already trying to live that way, and the dumb fucks at Westboro Baptist and other supposed “houses of worship” would keep right on doing their hateful shit. Yeah, there’s gonna be some BIG surprises up at them there Pearly Gates. A lot of people are going to get bitch-slapped.

  3. Lee Horsley says:

    The stuff you are saying the church preaches has nothing to do with JESUA TEACHINGS he was not like these churches you speak of he loved everyone even his enemies . Think about it Jesus teachings have nothing to do with how churches are run they dont preach about JESUS teachings