It’s Not TOTALLY That I’m Lazy

I’ve been WANTING to write, and I’ve been WANTING to post pictures and video and shit and MY MAC WON”T FUCKING COOPERATE.

It’s sort of my fault…I think. I think I need to upgrade my OS. And until I do that, when I try to connect my phone to the computer to import the damn pictures, the program won’t even recognize that my phone is connected.

I will be working on this tonight so that I can get my ass BACK IN GEAR FOR YOU PEOPLE because I know there has been wailing and gnashing of teeth at my long absences, I KNOW this. I’m sure I’ve even seen some of you parked outside my house and, I’m not saying it’s not okay, but, if you’re going to be out there, could you at least bring me a hot chai latte from Starbucks? Or a medium coffee, extra light, extra sweet from Dunkin Donuts? (Yes, see, I can ROLL like that, I can be white-collar or blue-collar or no-collar. I’m VERSATILE, BITCHES.)


Okay, the Mac and I are going to have a talk tonight. Which hopefully won’t end like the talk I had with a previous PC, may he RIP, where I said told him what I wanted him to do, and he didn’t do it, and I pushed some buttons and he didn’t respond and I took him and threw him on the floor. Not dropped. THREW. As in, FLUNG WITH GREAT FORCE TOWARDS THE GROUND.

That didn’t end well.

I am not going to do that to my Mac because I LOVE my Mac MUCH more, I do have to admit that, but…he better stop fucking around.

Okay people, resume whatever you were doing. I’ll be back soon. And one of you better have some chai waiting.

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One Response to “It’s Not TOTALLY That I’m Lazy”

  1. a city girl says:

    It must be something about the short days and cold weather sucking the creative writing flow outta you. I haven’t been writing much either. Not that I am busier or anything…quire the opposite. So maybe you get busy will inspire me to get busy. Need I dare ask…what is chai?