Awesomeness Personified

This is short, cuz I have things to do, people, okay? But I wanted to share this with you, because this is…



This is Punksin killing people with her wicked breaststroke. WICKED, I tell you. WICKED. It’s her best stroke. Probably because most of the power comes from the legs, and I know for a fact that her legs are powerhouses, since they’re the SAME LEGS WITH WHICH SHE KICKED THE SHIT OUT OF ME WHEN SHE WAS IN THE WOMB. She would stretch her foot out so far that we could SEE THE OUTLINE OF HER FOOT sticking out of my stomach. It was weird as hell. I never knew that could happen. But there I would be, like a beached whale, and on one side, a FOOT STICKING OUT.

Those are the legs, people, that she is using now. THOSE LEGS, and THOSE FEET.

More on Championships later. 🙂

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