Sick As A What?

Why do people say “sick as a dog“? I mean, do dogs often get sick? And when they do, do they FEEL AS SHITTY AS I DO RIGHT NOW?

Anyhow, whatever the history behind THAT phrase (I’ll have to look it up now because I know YOU won’t), I am THAT kind of sick.

I just came off a crazy weekend where Punksin had a swim meet on BOTH days that required her to be AT the site of the meet, IN the water for warmups, at 7:00 A.M. Meaning that I had to wake up at 5:00 A.M.

On Saturday.

AND Sunday.

You are confusing me with some other heifer if you think that I LIKE getting up at 5:00 in the morning. I don’t even like getting up at 8:30, which is about when I normally stumble out of bed blindly, begging the kids to please SHUT THE FUCK UP while I take an hour or so to revert back to human form.

Punksin did very well this weekend. She dropped time in all of her events except one, the 50-yard butterfly, where she got DQ’ed, because her goggles were coming off and she slowed down to fumble with them and then could not execute the stroke properly at first when she tried to start swimming again. At least, that’s what I THINK happened, I don’t know, maybe she didn’t turn properly, who the hell knows. We didn’t know she got DQed until last night and they don’t really TELL you why, you just see that it happened. Despite the DQ and the missteps, though, she was able to catch up with the other girls and keep pace with them, so that tells me a lot.

Her stamina is building and…I’m so bloody excited for her. She is not tiring the way she would at first. Her strength is growing. She’s only been with the team for 5 months and I can already see so much improvement, and her times are coming down, down, down.

She turns 9 next month, and that’s a bit of a bummer because the age groups at some of these events include 8 & Unders, and she won’t be able to compete in those anymore. Now she’ll be in the 10 & Unders or 12 & Unders or 9-10 groups, and she’ll have girls bigger and stronger in those fields. But…that’s okay. She’ll have 2 years to compete with the 10 & Unders and if she continues to speed up and execute well…

She’s going to be incredible.

Well, I would write more but I am feeling like absolute and utter crap. I have so much more to tell you! But I’m too beat…

Stay tuned!

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