I Know, I Suck

I know. I know I know I know.

I’m still recovering from the flu madness. I would say I’m at about…oh, 85%? What tends to happen to me when I get sick with a cold is that after the cold ends, I am still left with post-nasal drip. This then leads to a sinus infection.

This is what has happened.

Oh joy.

And I know that’s what’s happening, and because I know it already, I’m loathe to go sit in my doctor’s office for an hour or more waiting to be squeezed in for a sick visit just to get some antibiotics. I know I need the antibiotics – just GIVE THEM TO ME, DAMMIT.

But it probably won’t work like that, and I’ll have to go in. Either that, or sit here with mucus welling up in the back of my throat that I constantly need to spit out. Oh, and having a swollen face.

It’s been so much fun!

Also, the kids were sick. They got sick right as I was coming out of my sickness. That’s always fun. I always feel bad when they get sick at the same time because I’m always a leeeetle bit more concerned for Pudding. Not because I love him more, of course not, but I’m always worried that’s what Punksin will think. It’s because with him, a cold often turns into something more than a cold. We’re pulling out nebulizers and he’s having trouble breathing and I’m watching him through the night to make sure he doesn’t stop breathing, same as I did when he was a baby. I did it when they were BOTH babies. But now, he’s a big kid with what the doctor is conservatively calling a “respiratory weakness,” so I’m always a little more concerned when HE gets sick.

So thanks to me being sick and them being sick and now me feeling shitty again with the sinus bullshit, I feel like Mrs. Complainy-Pants. I also feel as though I totally lost January. I mean, Friday is February 1st and I’m sort of freaking out. As the song goes, the weather outside is frightful but I already need to start thinking about vacations and summer camp. WTF?

Well, I’m sorry this isn’t my usual scintillating brand of cuss words and ranting, but I will be back in rare form as soon as possible, I promise. Feel free to send…something…to aid the process. I don’t know what I mean by “something.” I was going to say ice cream but frankly with the sinus crap the dairy does not help. Then I thought of chocolate but I realized that’s so cliche because…I don’t even really like chocolate. I mean, it’s OKAY. But I’m not one of these people that is in LOVE with chocolate. I could totally take it or leave it.


I DO love flowers, I have to say. And at this time of year, especially, some nice fresh tropical flowers would be awesome. So feel free to send some over, okay? MAJOR COOL POINTS WILL HAPPEN.

I’ll be back.

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