Happy New Year’s MoFos!

Happy 2013.

2012…I don’t even know what to say about 2012.

It was an ass-kicker of gargantuan proportions. In sooooo many ways.

For 2013…my plan is to take matters into my hands, as much as I can. Less passivity and just letting shit HAPPEN, and more MAKING shit happen.

I need to do this, if I am going to break free of the shackles that bind me and get my ass where I want to go.

I’m wishing YOU the same thing, the ability to break free of the chains, especially if they’re mental ones. Those can often be the most stifling, the most paralyzing, the most fearsome: those awful thoughts in our minds that tell us a million reasons why we CAN’T do something, SHOULDN’T do something, will FAIL at doing something.

I’ve had my fair share of failures and they hurt like nobody’s business but my consolation is that I tried. My biggest fear right now is getting to the end of my life and feeling as though I let opportunities pass me by, became paralyzed by fear.

Of course, it’s so easy to have that mindset on January 1st, which is why gyms get huge rises in membership. I’m sure weight loss programs do, and a whole host of other self-improvement modules.

But I’ve been on this track for a while now. It’s just that something about a new year gives me – and most of us – more energy, more hope, more…guts?

The key is holding on to all of that when the novelty of the new year has worn off and 2013 starts to feel like just another path on the slog through life.

It just started. It still has the ability to be your BEST YEAR EVER.

As Picard says…”Make it so.”

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One Response to “Happy New Year’s MoFos!”

  1. Adina says:

    Making shit happen! That’s what I want to do. Started on that in 2012, but I don’t think I gave it enough push.

    Tell me your plans and I’ll keep track of how you do. 🙂 You need a social contract partner to improve your chances of success, they say. Make sure you have one.

    Cheers to 2013! May it bring what you hope for!