I Know, I Suck

I know. I know I know I know. I’m still recovering from the flu madness. I would say I’m at about…oh, 85%? What tends to happen to me when I get sick with a cold is that after the cold ends, I am still left with post-nasal drip. This then leads to a sinus infection. […]

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I’ve Lost A Week of My Life

The sick as a dog thing? THAT WENT ON FOR. E. VER. I feel as though I have just emerged from a coma and am trying to reclaim my life. The house is a mess. No recycling has been done. My hair is a bird’s nest. I haven’t cooked, showered, written, or done anything beyond […]

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Sick As A What?

Why do people say “sick as a dog“? I mean, do dogs often get sick? And when they do, do they FEEL AS SHITTY AS I DO RIGHT NOW? Anyhow, whatever the history behind THAT phrase (I’ll have to look it up now because I know YOU won’t), I am THAT kind of sick. I […]

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Me Me Me It’s All About Me

This year, yesirree it fucking is. I am going to start doing around here, the same shit I started doing at my last job when it became apparent that they wished I would just have the baby and fucking disappear. THE MINIMUM AMOUNT POSSIBLE TO GET OVER. For the past 8 years, I have devoted […]

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Happy New Year’s MoFos!

Happy 2013. 2012…I don’t even know what to say about 2012. It was an ass-kicker of gargantuan proportions. In sooooo many ways. For 2013…my plan is to take matters into my hands, as much as I can. Less passivity and just letting shit HAPPEN, and more MAKING shit happen. I need to do this, if […]

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