Oh, Chris Brown, What is WRONG With You

I’m not a HUGE follower of pop culture. Most of it is total crap these days. When you have reality shows based on watching people act ghetto or redneck, and most of today’s songs are some variation of “ooh, baby, baby” about waking up next to someone you don’t remember after a night of senseless drinking, well…it gets old pretty quick.

But every now and then while I’m farting around on the interwebs I see an article and I click on it out of curiosity and more often than not I find myself shaking my head and wondering how I’m going to get that 5 minutes of my life back.

Today’s regret was brought to me by Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson. I am familiar with Chris Brown, not because I’m a fan of him or his music, but because he beat the shit out of Rihanna waaay back when.

Jenny Johnson, I don’t know her, and it’s apparently not because she’s not famous but because I’m out of the loop.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, Chris Brown tweeted that he looks “old as fuck” and he’s only 23. To which Jenny Johnson replied that “being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person.

CB had to reply, of course, because when someone pushes your buttons, whatcha gonna do? So HE told HER to “take them teeth out when u sucking my dick, hoe”, to which SHE replied that it’s HO, not HOE, which I totally get because it absolutely kills me when someone is insulting me and can’t even spell shit properly, it’s like, wow, you think you’re that awesome but you can’t even fucking SPELL? So I totally get her response, it’s absolutely something that I would do with complete scorn. And then HE wrote back a lot of shit about shitting in her retina and farting on her or in her face and she said some stuff about his mom being so proud of him and he said some more stuff and then next thing you know his Twitter account was gone.

And now everyone is pissed at Chris Brown. Which I sort of don’t get, even though I am no Chris Brown fan.

First of all, based on what I am reading, SHE started it. He tweeted something that had nothing to do with her, and she chose to reach out to HIM and remind him that he’s a piece of shit.

Even if you agree that he’s a piece of shit, what was the point of taking the jab? I mean, really, did she think that after saying THAT to him he was going to fess up and say you know what, yes, I AM a shitty person and that MUST be why I look so old and thank you SO MUCH for reminding me?

She started it, plain and simple.

And he replied, and yes he got down and dirty and took it some places it REALLY didn’t need to go but…he’s 23. And although there are many 23-year olds imbued with maturity, I’m gonna take a wild guess at saying that, based on his history, he’s not one of them. So to think that he was going to handle this with emotional dexterity is really taking a huge leap of faith. One could even say she KNEW he was going to respond like a raging bull. So whose fault is that? Emotionally mature or not, how is someone supposed to feel when someone else tells you, and maybe a gazillion OTHER people that follow you AND them, that you’re a shitty person? We can all say he should not respond, or maybe he could have said something classy like “thanks, and have a nice day to you too” and left the whole exchange with the upper hand, but…did we really expect that? You know, this idea about turning the other cheek sounds real nice in theory but when someone lashes out at you completely out of the blue, well…it’s not that weird to feel like you need to say something hurtful back. Especially when you’re a walking mass of rage already.

And now everyone’s blaming Chris Brown for being a classless individual and saying the things he said, and yes, I agree that most of what he said was disrespectful and disgusting. But you know what? Calling him a shitty person out of the blue – I mean, am I missing something here? He has a whole HISTORY of questionable behavior, to be sure, but I’m just not sure how calling him a shitty person in response to the one thing he said that was harmless, that just seems…I don’t know. It’s like poking a rabid dog who happens to be having a calm moment, with a hot iron. It’s just…not going to end well, you know?

And now he’s deleted his Twitter account, which is probably the best thing for him and all the other people who were probably gonna get shat on as they continued to call him out, and his publicist must be earning his/her keep and then some right about now. And for the record, if I WAS Chris Brown’s mother, I would smack the shit out of him, even if he IS 23. That poor woman must expend a lot of energy cringing.

I’m not defending Chris Brown, but I’m just not taking the irate moral stance on Jenny Johnson’s side either. That being in the public eye thing works on both sides. If Chris Brown is going to do stupid shit, I guess he’s going to provide lots of material for writers and comedians like Jenny Johnson. But she’s also in the public eye, and to think she’s going to say things like that and not get a response from someone who has already shown how he rolls, well, I’m just not sure what she or anyone else expected to happen that was any different from what DID happen. It’s not like she called out Prince William and HE said that stuff.  If THAT happened, sure, let’s all be shocked and horrified at the UNEXPECTED. But Chris Brown? Really? What, we all thought he was going to go meditate and then reply from his place of Zen? Really?

And believe me, I’m not saying he can’t change. I refuse to say that people can’t change or will NEVER change because…well, I don’t like to write anyone off as hopeless. Some people have shown an astounding capacity to rise after hitting severe lows. Look at Robert Downey Jr. I can’t fail to be proud of him and happy FOR him at the way he’s bounced back after hitting what everyone was SURE was a dead end. So I refuse to say people cannot change, because I think we’re just putting spiritual blocks in front of their ability to do JUST that when we say that. Now, that doesn’t mean I need to endure all the bullshit they go through to GET to change, I’m not advocating THAT either. Sure, CB can change, but I’m not going to get trampled on waiting for it to happen. But even as I get out of the way on his stormy path, I can wish him well and keep some small hope that he’ll see his way to making a better life.

Having said that, the sad truth is that most people…don’t change. I read somewhere very recently that people don’t really want to change, what they really want is to become comfortable with their faults and fears. As I’ve bemoaned a million times, they want to keep doing the same stuff and get different results. And that’s just not the way life works, you know?

Oh, poor Chris Brown. I actually feel sorry for him, not because of this most recent exchange, but because he’s young and has the world in his hands and yet…he’s just continually fucking up. There’s a lot of rage and anger in that kid, a lot of hostility, and I don’t know why it’s there but if he doesn’t find ways of letting it go, there will always be some level of tumult in his life, and he’ll not only continue to get unsolicited (but not necessarily unwarranted) comments about himself, but he’ll continue to respond the way he did, and the cycle of madness will continue, much to the delight of the media.

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3 Responses to “Oh, Chris Brown, What is WRONG With You”

  1. TwoNuse says:

    I can’t cosign this post.

    (full disclosure: I am horribly biased against Chris Brown to the point if he found the cure for cancer, I would lobby for leukemia. Slapping around a girl who is probably our third cousin doesn’t help, nor does his public petulance at the idea that someone convicted of domestic violence would be asked about said domestic violence when he uses the media to sell his lousy music. As me one day about his transparent damage control performance at the BET Awards a few years ago if you have a free 45 minutes and the urge to see steam fly out of my ears)

    Jenny Johnson didn’t start it. Chris Brown started it by having an open Twitter account. Sure, Johnson started the insults, but anyone who has spent a second on Twitter (or any public social messaging site) knows it can be the Wild West. Especially for such a pop star. And even more especially for a pop star who has been convicted of domestic violence.

    And no, this isn’t the digital version of ‘she was asking for it’. If I commit a crime, even after I fulfill the punishment subscribed to me, that crime goes on my permanent record. It is fair in all walks of life for people to ask me if I will revisit all or some of the urges that caused me to commit the crime in the first place.

    We agree on one thing; Brown having a Twitter page is a bad idea. If it were to ever come back, it should be handled by a member of Team Breezy (I just retched a little knowing that is the name of his team/fans), who can dispassionately send out information regarding the [cough] artist and block followers who choose to insult. Pravda (or Fox News) should be less of a propaganda tool than Chris Brown’s future Twitter feed.

  2. Leila says:

    Well, it’s a good thing this is not a loan and I don’t need a co-signer. But see, you make logical points and this whole scenario was not logical. Jenny Johnson did not ask him if he “will revisit all or some of the urges” that made him beat Rihanna. She called him a shitty person. Those are two very different conversations. Actually, one is a potential conversation that starts with a calm question that could be uncomfortable but could actually inspire some self-reflection. The other is just a vituperative comment that aims to do nothing but insult. How did we expect him to respond to that? My whole point is that there was absolutely nothing constructive in her making the comment she did at the TIME she did. What was it in response to? His merely being alive and tweeting? So any time he tweets about ANYTHING, we need to bring that up? If he tweets that he liked his eggs at breakfast, we need to say he’s a shitty person and the eggs should have been poisoned? Or if he tweets “Merry Christmas”, we want to respond with “You shouldn’t say Merry Christmas; Jesus doesn’t love you cuz you’re an asshole?” ANYTIME he opens his mouth to say ANYTHING, we need to go for the jugular? And what do we think that is REALLY going to accomplish? Change? Yes, he’s an asshole, but if I know that and I intentionally work on bringing that aspect out in him…what does that make me?

    Which of course brings us to the point that Jenny Johnson wasn’t aiming to get him to change. She was just aiming to get a jab in. And her job is not to be CB’s spiritual advisor or therapist. But I can hardly think that she did not expect or know that he would respond with exactly the level of hostility and classlessness that he did. Why inspire someone to be that way? Leave his ass alone and keep it moving. I choose to ignore Chris Brown; I don’t listen to his music, I don’t watch him perform, and I’ve never knowingly bought anything that he’s attached to. He can’t do shit about that. But if I am going to reach out and call him an asshole, well, the very reason I call him an asshole is the very reason why I should EXPECT that he is going to respond to me with guns blazing. It doesn’t make it RIGHT. But I don’t think it’s RIGHT either to knowingly goad someone into their worst behavioral patterns. And I think that’s precisely what she did.

    That’s my point; that if people are making attacks on him that come out of nowhere in response to nothing, what can we expect from Chris Brown? Believe me, I am not defending any of his behavior, and I, for one, don’t claim Rihanna as my 3rd cousin, the island isn’t THAT small, but she doesn’t need to be related to me to arouse feelings of rage at what she endured. The beating is one incident – and by far the worst – in a whole series of just incredibly fucked up behavior on his part. Immature doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it. But I don’t think that justifies provoking him every time he breathes. Where is that conversation destined to go, really? This is my problem: people making incendiary comments at unnecessary moments and thinking that something productive will come out of it, or at the very least, thinking that something bad will NOT come out of it. Based on who he is, I don’t see how anyone could have expected him to respond in any other way. What happened here was like waving the proverbial red flag in front of a bull. You don’t get the bull to stop charging by continuing to wave the flag in his face.

    He has a lot of work to do and it’s sort of sad that Rihanna has taken back up with him, because although I do believe in forgiveness, I also don’t see, based on the admittedly limited information I’ve cared to peruse, any signs that he has changed. Certainly this most recent exchange confirms that he hasn’t. But it doesn’t make it okay to start throwing that out whenever he blinks or breathes. Not because it’s not fair to him, that’s not what I am worried about, but because I think it’s almost inciting him to indulge in more of the same behavior. And the more of it he engages in, the farther away from change he gets.

  3. Leila says:

    And not for nothing, but saying Chris Brown started it by having an open Twitter account? Really? That’s a completely fatuous argument and sounds absolutely ridiculous. Come on. I mean, I hate to sound as though I am standing up for his behavior, because I’m not. All I’m saying is, WE KNOW WHAT WE’RE DEALING WITH, WHAT DID WE EXPECT? AND WHY PROVOKE HIS ASS INTO BEING AN ASSHOLE? Bees sting people. You stick your hand in the beehive, you will get stung. You know this. But when someone does it, and gets stung, now its the bee’s fault for having a beehive? Come on now. What if I mosey on over to your FB page or Twitter and call you an asshole? By your own logic, YOU started it by having an open account where I could do that. I mean, that’s what you’re saying.

    I think Donald Trump is an asshole. Complete, total asshole. But if he tweets Good Morning, I am not going to sit here and write back “You’re a turdbrain who needs to take off that fucking toupee and stop being a racist fuck.” Now, I’m not saying I don’t THINK that. But I really don’t see what is going to come out of me saying that to him. And I don’t think that my saying that, in THAT way, is going to accomplish what I claim to want, which is for him to stop being a racist fuck. Me saying that is just me venting, and is probably going to inspire him to continue in the same vein. I’m not sure what moral high ground I can claim in that instance.