And The Award For WORST MOTHER Goes To…


Boy, did I screw up today. ROYALLY.

Yesterday evening, I looked at Pudding’s parka, and it looked a smidge dirty around the neck, so I decided to throw it in the wash.

And, for good measure, I threw Punksin’s in too.

Today, we’re about to go and run some errands, so I run into the basement and retrieve the coats from the dryer. And for some reason, I decided THEN to check the pockets. THEN.

Which is when I found my daughter’s iPod, which was…nice and clean!


To say that she cried rivers would be a bit of an understatement.

She said she’d started a journal.

And had texts from her friends that she liked to “go over.”

And also, of course, loads of pictures of Speedy.

Me pointing out that at least he wasn’t dead and we could take MORE pictures had to be one of my crowning moments of Sagittarian tactlessness.


Sometimes, I suck at this.

I feel awful. Of course I am going to get her a new one, but…I feel awful. Also, because my first response was, “WHY did you leave it in your COAT?

To my credit, if there can be said to be ANYTHING to my credit about this whole fiasco, is that I did apologize, not only for throwing it in the wash, but for suggesting that she shouldn’t have left it in her coat to begin with. How many times do I leave my PHONE in my coat? ALL THE TIME.

Then she started saying that yes, it was her fault for leaving it in there, and it so ISN’T, so I made sure I told her that, that I SHOULD have checked, and I THOUGHT I checked but I checked her outside pockets and the iPod was tucked in an inside pocket.

Poor thing, after she cried her eyes out she put on a brave face but when we got out of the car at Trader Joe’s she had tear tracks on her cheeks, and at bedtime, she admitted that it was hard to fall asleep because she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I feel awful.

I dropped my iPhone in the shower once and tried a trick I read about online of leaving it sitting in rice overnight. It worked. But dropping a phone in the shower for 2 seconds is considerably less damaging, I would think, than having an iPod go through a 55-MINUTE WASH CYCLE.

The Apple logo DID come up when I stuck it on the charger. That’s a good sign, right?


Well, it’s sitting in rice now but I don’t hold out much hope.


Sigh. BIG sigh.


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3 Responses to “And The Award For WORST MOTHER Goes To…”

  1. Adina says:

    I’m guessing the rice hasn’t helped, huh?

    Washing the kid’s iPod sucks. And you know, obviously, it’s not about the iPod. You are sad because you made her sad and because you did not handle it well initially. But you recovered, apologized, showed her how to handle a screw-up (a lesson worth a laundered iPod) and she will get over the sadness.

    15 years ago, I opened the back of a camera, therefore exposing the film and nuking all pics. It was upon return home from a trip overseas. All pictures gone. All of them. Luckily, I was 20 years old and able to promptly get myself a drink to numb the pain. The reason I remember this particular oopsie (I am prone to them, so the list goes on and on) is that I did it. It was my own fault. I find getting over bad stuff other people do a lot easier. In my opinion, your story would have been a lot worse if you asked your daughter to put her coat in the wash. Chances are, she would not have checked the pockets, she would have gotten the iPod washed and she would have no one to blame but herself. THAT would be some real trauma. You washing her iPod will make for a funny story one day. And a good negotiation chip for later on. I’m sure there’s something she really wants and wasn’t able to get away with. Until now. 🙂

    • Leila says:


      The rice seems to be helping…very very slooooowly.

      I’ll write a follow-up post about it. Maybe something relatively light will counter all the Sturm und Drang I’ve been posting recently.