RunMotherf#&^erRunRainpocalypse Part 2

Well, it’s sort of part 1. I mean, nothing has really happened yet.

I went out this morning to grab some milk because I NEED MILK FOR MY TEA. That is NOT NEGOTIABLE.

There was already a fairly large branch downed in the driveway.

I threw that sucker down the hill, got in my birthday present, and hightailed it over to the supermarket.

It was windy but not overly dramatic, nothing I haven’t driven in before. But when I EXITED the supermarket, a huge gust of wind burst out of nowhere and ripped the receipt right out of my hand. At that point, I decided it might be a good idea to run to the car.

By the time I got there the wind had died down but considering that it’s a HURRICANE we’re dealing with, I didn’t dawdle.

Now, I’m here at home, doing laundry like a fiend before the power goes out. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen of course, but our fat prick of a  governor warned us to be prepared for widespread power outages that could last up to 7-10 days, so…I’m preparing for that as much as possible.

We have firewood.

We have all our important ID papers in one place.

We have medication in one place.

We have both of the cars in the garage.

We have the basement cleared so that if it floods there is minimal damage.

We have batteries for the radio.

We have the phones constantly charging.

We have several gallons of water.

We have canned goods.

We have a shitload of books to read if power goes out.

We have the “Safe Room” to go to if shit starts to get a little too REAL.

Most importantly, we have each other, and as long as we keep THAT intact, everything else is expendable. I wish more people would realize that. Of course, we don’t want to lose our house and property any more than anyone else, but I’m not staying here to save it and risking my children. That’s just bullshit.

Anyhow, I must run. The Tech Guru is on the phone with his mother who is giving dire warnings to the children about falling trees hitting our house; nice way to SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF THE KIDS, GRANDMA. (rolls eyes) They were already terrified about me going to the store this morning. I’m not downplaying the severity of this to them but we are emphasizing that we will be keeping them safe and that we WILL get through this okay. I don’t need them stressed out over shit they cannot control or fully comprehend. I’M already stressed out; I need them to be calm and okay. UGH.

East Coast peeps, don’t be stupid, be safe!

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