RunMotherF&#%erRunRainpocalypse, AKA Hurricane Sandy

I so wish I could take credit for that awesome name for Hurricane Sandy but the truth is, a friend of mine from high school came up with it and I found it MUCH more hilarious than Frankenstorm. I mean, I get the Halloween reference but it’s rather…lame.

So, here I am, on the cusp of Hurricane Sandy beating the shit out of the East Coast, and we’re just…waiting.

Hurricane Irene 14 aug 2005


Friday: There was lots of prep work once we knew Sandy was coming. It started with the canned food and water stockpile. I took care of that. Then, since the Tech Guru was home, I thought it was a good time for us to get the firewood before it all disappeared and even by the time we went on Friday evening, the stash of firewood was low. I knew if we had waited until Saturday, it would be gone, so we stocked up the SUV and brought home a good stash.

Saturday: Running hither and thither, I cannot even remember what we did. Punksin did not have swim practice so that gave us more time to stock up. The kids and I went to the library and took out about 75-80 books to keep us and them occupied in case the power gives out for an extended period of time, which our governor has warned us is to be expected. The Tech Guru went to his CrossFit workout and took the kids along since it was going to be conducted alongside a track field. Then, he and I went out to dinner, which we had scheduled some time ago. I pondered canceling, since we were both tired, but we needed the break and some alone time, so we went to this absolutely lovely Peruvian restaurant that we’d been to before. The food is exquisite; the chef has trained with such notable names in the culinary world as Mario Batali, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Tom Colicchio, and his food is just wonderful. We sat there waxing orgasmic over the food. It was a lovely time, and there was something more poignant about going there right before the storm, enjoying what could possibly be the last excellent restaurant meal we eat for a long time. It was a lovely, adult, dimly lit, romantic restaurant, and…it was wonderful to be with hubby alone.

Sunday, this afternoon: This morning, Punksin had swim practice. She also has practice tomorrow but I have a feeling that will be cancelled in light of the winds and rain that are forecast to come. From there we went to buy some yarn for me, beads for Punksin and coloring books for Pudding – more shit-t0-do-when-we-get-bored-and-have-no-TV-or-internet.

This evening it occurred to me that, since I ripped out our fireplace doors this summer, and have yet to replace them, we have no protection from the embers that will shoot out when we get a good place going. So I ran to Home Depot around 6:30 to see if they had any fireplace screens and lo and behold, they did. Purchased and came back home.

I forgot to mention that while I was out with the kids, the Tech Guru went to WORK in the basement. Our basement, being semi-finshed, functions as more of a storage space for shit we need to get rid of and it was just ALL OVER the place. The Tech Guru cleaned it up amazingly, getting everything up off the floor in case of the flooding that we are pretty sure will happen. Then he cleaned out the garage enough so that we could fit both cars inside and I have to say, he got ‘er done! Both cars are inside and therefore safe from the damage of flying branches, fallen trees and other wind-blown debris. I finally suggested that we fix some of the leaks on the gutters and once THAT was done, we were somewhat gutted ourselves.

So now, it’s early in the wee hours of October 29th, and we’re just here…waiting. I’ve gathered our important papers, and medicine we may need, and identified the one place in the house that we need to go to in case of dire emergency. It’s the hallway outside of our bathroom, which sits in the middle of 4 other rooms and as such has no outside walls or windows. If we close the doors to the bathroom, Punksin’s room, the Tech Guru’s office and our dining room, we have a fairly secure shelter that we can hunker down for several hours if the other parts of the house seem…insecure. It’s a fairly small hallway but with some blankets, pillows and food we can make a go of it for several hours if need be, and the direct access to the bathroom helps although we’d need to move quickly to avoid any missiles coming through the window.

And so…here we are.

Tonight, it’s calm. The winds are blowing but not terribly much so, not yet. It’s not yet raining. But…we’ve been warned that we can see winds of 30+ mph that are sustained for about 36 hours – a day and a half. We’ve been warned that we could lose power for 7-10 days. We’ve been warned that we could see flooding and given past experiences, severe rain almost guarantees a wet basement. But, we’ve done what we can; we’ve brought outside potential wind weapons indoors, and we’re just…waiting.

Stay tuned, and…if you’re in the path of Hurricane Sandy, stay safe.

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