Pet Peeve #537

THIS pet peeve has GOT to be on everyone’s list.

Can SOMEONE, ANYONE, explain to me, why it is that when you BUY something, the money disappears from your account before you even exit the damn store, but when it’s time for them to give you BACK your money, the process is slower than molasses on a winter day?


I went into Target last Wednesday. The 17th of October, just so we’re clear. I got to the register and paid $391 for the stuff.

Now mind you, about a year ago I tried to apply for the Target debit card – NOT the credit card, the DEBIT card – and the cashier tried to process the application but then told me that my bank did not have an agreement with Target so I could not get the card.


Being that I had just spent $391, and being that the debit card thing was a year ago, I figured I would try again.

So RIGHT AFTER LEAVING THE REGISTER, do you understand what I’m saying to you, RIGHT AFTER, I mosey on over to Customer Service and ask if my bank is now affiliated with the program. Oh yes, she assures me, it is, she can vouch for it because she banks with the same bank. Great, I think. So I get the card immediately. I ask her if she can void or refund the transaction I had JUST MADE 5 MINUTES AGO using my bank debit card, and then get it re-done, so that I would get the 5% savings that using the Target debit card offers. Had this been a $20 transaction, I might have let it go. But we’re talking a $391 purchase here.

Yes, she can certainly do that for me, she replies! She takes the receipt, and voids it. Then, she puts it thru again, using my brand spanking new TARGET debit card.

You see where this is going, don’t you.

Today is October 25th. And as of right now at this very moment, I have TWO transactions from Target that have been taken out of my bank account, coming to close to $800. EIGHT HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS.

On Tuesday of this week, I called my bank. They did not see anything pending from Target and advised that I take it up with them.

I had to go in there for something anyhow so that same day I go in. I talk to Customer Service. The first woman says she can’t do anything about it because due to privacy issues they are no longer able to pull up past transactions based on the card info and advises me to call my bank. Right about then the kids start looking at me warily, presumably because spirals of steam are starting to come out of my nose. I tell her that I have already CALLED the bank and that they told me to come THERE. Customer Service Lady #1  calls over another woman with presumably more experience, who tries entering the voided receipt # to see what’s going on, but the system is showing her nada. She then tells me to call Guest Relations.

So, right there at Customer Service, I call Guest Relations, where, after listening to some pretty shitty on-hold music, a very chipper woman comes on the phone and asks how she can help.

I explain the situation. She says she will look it up in the system. Yes, she informs me, I did make a purchase on October 17th.

Since that was never in question, I’m wondering why she thinks this is such VALUABLE FUCKING INFORMATION. Since I am beginning to blow a gasket, I TELL her that.

The REFUND, I say loudly. What I am ASKING about, is the REFUND.

Okay, she will look into that for me, she chirps. Please hold. Of course, I have no choice but to hold, but in my mind I daydream about holding a bat and hitting someone with it.

She comes back. Yes, she can see that the transaction was voided.

This is some progress, but not much. After all, the receipt ID # I gave her was not even from the original receipt, but the receipt you get when they VOID something. But it is good to know that, at least as far as Target is concerned, a refund is due. When the hell may I expect to SEE that money go back into my damn account, I ask her.

Let’s see, boys and girls, if you can guess the answer! Is it:

  1. In the same amount of time it took for the money to be DEDUCTED, which was literally ONE MINUTE.
  2. On the same day the refund was offered.
  3. Within 7-10 days.

(insert Jeopardy music here)

You know the answer. We ALL know the answer. And I am so tired of that answer.

After explaining to the woman in rather graphic detail exactly how fed up I am with that answer, I ask her who is holding onto my money. Is Target taking 7-10 days, or is my bank taking 7-10 days? Even as I ask, I realize that it is a very stupid question, because there is no way in hell that she is going to say Target, and of COURSE she answers that it is the bank, and of COURSE that pisses me off because as far as my bank is concerned they don’t even see the damn refund. Mind you, that doesn’t mean I believe my bank, either. What it means is that I know that I am not going to get a straight answer from anyone, that everyone is going to be pointing fingers at everyone else, and that nothing will get accomplished via this route.

There HAS to be something illegal about this crap. I mean, really. It’s no surprise that the banks would do something shady; that’s how they operate. Last year a class-action lawsuit was brought against my bank for some of its shyster tactics.



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