Your Friendly Local Hacker

I recently came across an old post in which I said I was changing the Tech Guru’s name to Hacker.

Guess THAT didn’t stick.

I guess Tech Guru is better anyhow, because when it comes to hacking, he’s sort of a White Hacker. I don’t know if you read sci-fi/fantasy as I do, but in fantasy worlds you often come across mages/sorcerers, and the good ones are often white mages wearing white robes, and the bad ones wear black, and the neutral ones wear red or grey.

So using that analogy, the Tech Guru would be a white hacker. He can hack your computer or website and fuck around with it and/or your personal information… but he won’t.

Hacker inside

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I remember once he was sitting at a local restaurant offering free wi-fi, and there were several other people in there working on their laptops. He told me he was able to access all their information: what websites they were visiting, the passwords and information they were inputting…scary shit. He thought about telling people that he was able to see all their info but then decided it might turn into one of those kill-the-messenger scenarios, and since he was working himself he didn’t have the time to get into detail about how to safeguard their privacy,  soooo…he just kept his mouth shut. But unlike a bad hacker, he didn’t compile/sell/access or in any way use the information, or even keep looking at it. He just kept doing his own work – after making sure HIS shit was secure.

So consider this my personal PSA for the week (maybe the year?): Y’all need to be careful out there with your cellphones and laptops when using public Wi-Fi. You never know who is sitting close enough to access your info, and you definitely can’t depend on the fact that everyone is going to be as noble as the Tech Guru is. And even the word “close” is relative; it’s not like the old days where someone had to be within visual range to see what you were doing. Those days are long over and your friendly neighborhood hacker might be someone in the general vicinity that you can’t even see. Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Not necessarily.


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One Response to “Your Friendly Local Hacker”

  1. City Girl says:

    thats kind of scary!! I did not know that could be done. I carry my hotspot around with me now and I keep the connection secure.
    I like tech guru better than hacker. LOL