The Great School Experiment Gets Cut Short

The kids started public school last week.

The kids will be coming OUT of public school, THIS week.

God does this school suck ass.

I had hoped that within a year’s time I would gather enough material to make a book, but to be honest, the stuff I have heard and witnessed and had happen, has made me want to get the kids the hell out of there before they get turned into complete fucking MORONS.

Punksin was put in 3rd grade. That’s where she is supposed to be by age, but as far as the work we were doing at home went, she was going into 4th. Still, with no proof of her academic prowess, they put her in 3rd, and I understood that.

But I would like SOMEONE to explain to me why there is a child in her class that can barely read, and why when Punksin sat down at the computer to do math, one of the questions she was asked was what is 2 + 2?



Pudding is 5 and HE knows what 2 + 2 is.

I will fill you in on the rest of it over the next couple of days, because while there may not be enough to fill a book, what has happened over the last week and a half has provided me with quite a lot of subject material for posts.


I can’t even begin to address that.  If I start to, my head will start spinning and I’ll begin levitating and shooting out green vomit  like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

Most of the math homework that she has brought home has not been THAT simplistic, but it covered things we’ve already done and moved on from. Place value. Ordinal numbers. Writing out numbers in words. What a digit within a number represents (tens, hundreds, ones, etc.)

This is why I cannot leave her in there until May. She has DONE all of this shit already and for her to sit there and do it all over again is just wasting a year. And when I say waste I REALLY mean waste, because she’s sitting in that classroom for 6.5 hours and then getting homework, meaning she’s spending an inordinate amount of time doing BULLSHIT while we can cover MORE material in LESS time right here at home.

It will also allow her to have more energy for swimming. Don’t get me wrong, her academics come first; that is an absolute given in this house. But if I know that bringing her home will not only elevate her learning but also leave her with more energy to improve her technique in the pool, it’s a damn win-win situation in my book.

Pudding, we’ve decided, will continue kindergarden. But he will not be continuing it THERE. We are sending him to the Montessori school Punksin started with, oh so many years ago.  He is enjoying being in school, but I am not overly fond of HIS teacher either (okay, to be honest there have been two incidents in which she was lucky that I was not holding a bat). Also, I am a huge fan of the Montessori method, having gone through it myself and having also started Punksin with it, and I would like him to benefit from it as well. And the teachers at that school are far more caring and respectful of children than these prison wardens I have been coming across in the public school.

It sucks because I was running around like a chicken without a head to get them IN the damn school and it was all for naught. Not to mention, now that they are REGISTERED with the district, the district is aware that they exist, and I much preferred when we were off their radar altogether. NJ laws regarding homeschooling are some of the friendliest in the nation, but I just don’t want any fucking problems. I don’t have to follow their exact curriculum, or have a set schedule, so they can’t ask for that information or require anything of me on that front. The only reason they can interfere is if they have reason to believe that she is not being schooled AT ALL, in which case I would then have to prove that she IS being schooled. Shit, the fact that she’s aced all the fucking tests and quizzes she’s had thus far should be proof in itself. So they can’t say she entered the school as an idiot, and THEY sure as shit weren’t teaching her.

I do generally keep a lesson plan so I’ll just have to be more diligent about my record-keeping JUST IN CASE. I also want to get her some standardized tests so she can become accustomed to taking them. I do want her back in school eventually. Just…NOT THAT ONE.

So, next week will be their last week. In some ways I wonder if I should even bother to send them at all. I do have to inform the Board of Ed and I’ve written the letter already and it will be mailed next week. It mentions no reasons, because I don’t HAVE to offer reasons. And I’m on the fence about even having a sit-down with the principal to discuss why I’m pulling my children out. On the one hand I think he SHOULD know what our concerns are, but I also think that this behavior is so deeply ingrained into the administration of the school that anything I say against it will just fall on deaf ears. And I don’t have time to waste preaching to people who are walking around covering their ears. We’ve made our decision, so I don’t need to discuss it with him to reach a solution. I already HAVE my fucking solutions.

They already have some inkling of my unhappiness. The nurse DEFINITELY knows because of something that happened in the hallway with Pudding (that’s another post, sorry…) and she has been asking me every fucking MINUTE whether or not I’ve made an appointment to see the principal and discuss my concerns.

The other thing that may be giving them pause is my response to something Punksin’s teacher said. She sent Punksin home with an oral reminder for me to pay our $6.00 dues to the PTA or whatever the hell the initials are for it over here. Mind you, joining the PTA is not obligatory.

I sent Punksin back to her with this answer: “Tell HER… that I am still THINKING about it.

Punksin came home and relayed to me that when she delivered MY message, the teacher got a somewhat worried look on her face.

Yes, heifer, be afraid. Be very very afraid. Because unlike these other people around here, I respect my children, I PROTECT my children, and I don’t allow anyone else to do any different. Also unlike so many other people…I have a CHOICE. Punksin does not HAVE to be there. So if she is, you’d better be doing a damn good job. And you AIN’T. (snort snort)

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3 Responses to “The Great School Experiment Gets Cut Short”

  1. City Girl says:

    I have to admire you for homeschooling. I also hated the school system but being a single parent I had no options. Not enough money to send them to private school and not enough time to keep them at home. I signed up on the waiting list for private school vouchers so they could go for free and to this day I haven’t heard anything. The oldest is 30. I got a job in the school and things turned around on how they treated my kids. Its all a f’ed up situation. I wish they would get rid of tenure and then maybe if teachers did not have so much job security they would take a fresh outlook on their job. They also should be required to take the summer off. They need the break. With all that said I know by experience that the teachers have more respect for parents who attend PTA meetings and they guage what kind of parent you are by this. Not saying its right, its just a fact. There are so many parents who just don’t give a rats behind about what happens in school, never check on them, never see the teacher, never go to PTA …nothing, and the teacher call them about a problem their child is having in school and they wind up getting cussed out. I feel sorry for the kids who have to catch the wrath of that and I feel sorry for the good teachers who get burnt out by these sorry ass parents out here. When I was working in the school, I found out that some of the kids only meals eaten were in school during the week and mcdonalds on the weekend. Be proud of yourself for being a great parent. There are many of them out here that don’t deserve the title!

  2. Leila says:

    You’re right, and I know there are a lot of great TEACHERS out there. Were I keeping the kids in that school, I WOULD join the PTA and I WOULD get involved. But even WITH my involvement, I don’t think things would change enough for me to be happy. Even although Punksin has not been yelled at, for instance, she is seeing OTHER kids getting yelled at or spoken to rudely, and not for good reasons. We’re not talking kids fighting or disrespecting the teacher. We’re talking this woman being in a bad mood and taking it out on the kids. And I totally get that because every parent has done it at least ONCE, but I APOLOGIZE to my kids for my shit and try to control it. She is PAID to teach them and just has a bad attitude. I don’t want my kids exposed to this Kiddie Alcatraz mentality, because believe me, I will become involved in ways they never fucking imagined.