Pet Peeve #983

I have called this list Annoying Things and Pet Peeve and it’s pissing ME off that I’m not being FUCKING CONSISTENT. That right there IS one of the things that annoys me most: inconsistency.

However, if you think of that I am going to list something here about MYSELF, you are sadly mistaken. I beat up on myself all the time as it is. The last thing I need to do is start making a fucking list.

But here’s what I DO want to mention:


Today, I’m driving Punksin to swim practice. And ahead of me are two cars, one sedanish type car, and directly in front of me, an SUVish thingamajiggy. (Don’t you absolutely LOVE my car descriptions? I would be a nightmare as a crime witness…)

So the sedan puts on its left indicator light and pulls to the left, nosing slightly over, waiting for a space in oncoming traffic.

The SUV is behind the car. It is not so close to it that it is unable to pull out from behind it. There is AMPLE room to the right of the car for the SUV to go around. This is OBVIOUS.

And what does the driver of the SUV do?

English: Sherman Tank

An M4 Sherman tank. Unless you are driving one of these, can you PLEASE GO AROUND, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?


Mind you, they are also BLOCKING the path to the right, so I can’t pass. There is no one crossing the road, no mommies pushing strollers, no old folks, no fucking CHICKENS. NOTHING. But still, this person just SITS THERE.


I don’t understand this.

This is not even about being in a rush. This is just about…goddamn common sense. If you are walking, and someone is in front of you walking, and they stop to look in a store window or some shit, do you just fucking STAND there?

NO. You go AROUND, and keep it moving.

But because this ass either thinks that they’re driving am M4 Sherman tank, or is blind,, or mentally handicapped or some OTHER SHIT THAT I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO CALL IT, I have to SIT there, and wait for this dumb ass to wait for the OTHER person to actually MAKE the left turn. Because Jackass cannot move until the person has actually MADE the turn, even although the person has left enough room FOR a Sherman tank to go around.

I try not to beep, because I do not want to be Mrs. Road Rage, but really, it just CHAPS MY ASS when people hold up traffic with this bullshit.

Well, I’d love to stay and chat with you about this further, but my sinuses are killing me today. I mean, really, they’re about to be Pet Peeve #984. I wish I could take my head off and put it down somewhere while I go about my business. Even though I don’t really have any business to be going about – I just don’t want to be even remotely attached to this miasma of pain going on in my head right now. UGH. I took sinus meds earlier, which made me pass out, and then I woke up, to the SAME FUCKING PAIN. USELESS. When I am in this kind of pain, it makes it really hard for me to appreciate and enjoy the things going on around me, which right now includes Pudding breakdancing.

To CLASSICAL MUSIC. Beethoven’s Fur Elise, to be exact.

I want to laugh, I really do, but I am sitting here alternating between typing and holding my head in my hands. I don’t even know what to hold. My jaw hurts, my teeth hurt, my eyes hurt, my nose hurts, my face hurts, it all HURTS. I wonder if that is part of the Lexapro bullshit. The Tech Guru thinks it’s the guinea pigs, which is his way of saying that we don’t clean the cage enough, which only makes my head hurt more for an entirely different reason. He says he smells it. But he’ll say that even right after I’ve just cleaned and disinfected it, which makes me think sometimes that he just wants to be bitching about it or it’s in his head or something or that he THINKS he smells it because he is annoyed about it.

English: Opening phrase of Für Elise. Nederlan...

The beginning of Fur Elise. I know Beethoven could not possibly have foreseen the things that have been done with his music. Remember the disco version of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony? Really cool back then then, but now it sounds…FREAKING AWFUL.

Well, regardless, I am going to watch my son breakdance. To Fur Elise. The Tech Guru cannot remember that Fur Elise used to be played on The Benny Hill Show. Which reminds me that I need to find The Benny Hill Show and watch it. That man was fucking hilarious.

Good night.


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2 Responses to “Pet Peeve #983”

  1. City Girl says:

    Girl you would not survive in the south. I had to get used to it and this right here was a big pet peeve for me too. Sometimes I am in the grocery store and I stop to check something on the shelf, and that might include reading the instructions. Out of my peripheral vision I see someone standing there but at first it never dawned on me they were waiting for me to move. finally I would ask…are you waiting for me? and they would yes but take your time. Mind you I been holding them up a good couple of minutes already. I would say all you had to do is say excuse me and I would be glad to move. They don’t. I live on my car horn down here also. LOL they say I have road rage no I say I don’t have time for the nanny panny BS! LOL some people are so freaking weird!!

  2. Leila says:

    Yeah, what IS that? Why not say excuse me? I find that too, except the fools up here actually get ANNOYED at you, they’re not being cordial, they’re PISSED that you don’t move out of the way, and then I have to remind them that if they would just show some fucking manners and say “Excuse me” I would be happy to move.