I So Need To Be A Vampire

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I got an email from my doctor 2 days ago noting that I am extremely low in iron and that we need to do something about it.

I’ve always had an iron-deficiency problem, but it seems to be getting worse as I age. Even when I was pregnant my OB-GYN noted that I was low and I had to take iron supplements throughout my pregnancies so that I would not be completely depleted by the babies.

Now, my GP is saying that in 2006 my iron was low but my recent bloodwork shows further decrease and we need to look into it.

I’m sure my heavy periods don’t help, and I’ve known that my low iron accounts for why I am always cold. Still, I have never been diagnosed as anemic, although I was told I’m pretty close.

Well, maybe we’ve arrived at that destination!

Pudding’s doctor also noted that HE is low in iron, so I have to make sure he eats iron-rich foods. He also seems to be sensitive to cold: when he’s taking swim lessons he is the only one in the pool shivering his little butt off. He also comes out with cyanosis (blue lips) which was a real cause of concern for me. However, I forgot to mention it at his last doctor visit since he hadn’t been in the pool for a while and I totally forgot about it.

I need to call them and let them know. He probably needs more extensive bloodwork as well.

THAT should be fun.

Maybe I’ll let him wear his IRON MAN mask when he’s getting his bloodwork done again.


Okay, not funny. I WANT him to be Iron Man. I don’t want him to be deficient in ANYTHING. I will make him eat a fucking anvil if I have to.

Actually, this is where I need to start pulling out the old-school remedies. When I was growing up, my mom and grandmother used to give me a supplement called Ferrol, or sometimes they’d give me Beef Iron & Wine, which could well have been the reason I became a lush because that stuff tasted AWESOME. I loved both of them. And I think I need to incorporate them into our supplements.

This was the GOOD stuff.

For a while there we WERE both taking an iron supplement and…I don’t know what the hell happened. We stopped? I forgot? I think I reset the app on my iPhone and killed the reminders. Clearly I need to gear back up.

Just let Pudding be okay, and…that’s all I ask, God. Amen.

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