Thanks, But No Thanks? Really?

Today I was in a creative mood. Not a writing mood, more of a – visual arts kind of thing. So I worked on a vase that I’ve been crafting over several months. I find that while I’m doing that kind of work, I get more…reflective. When I’m writing, I need to concentrate on writing […]

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My Sinuses Are Evil and They’re Trying To Kill Me

I don’t know what is going on inside the massive cavern of vast and empty space that is my head, but whatever it is…it ain’t good. My sinuses are KILLING ME. Especially the left side. I think the left sinus passage is like, SNOWED IN or something. I have not been able to breathe clearly […]

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Let’s All Waste A Lot of Time, Shall We?

Today was Back-to-School Night at the kids’ school. Given that I sent in letters today informing their teachers and the principal that tomorrow would be their last day, I figured they’d realize I wasn’t coming. Apparently, I was wrong. Punksin still had to do a whole bunch of work today that was going to be […]

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I Am Happy Today and You Can’t Touch This

I have no idea WHY I am in such a good mood. I think…it’s a whole bunch of things coming together. Oh wait. I AM pissed about one thing. So I told you my doctor wrote to me to tell me that my iron levels were dangerously low. And she asked me a few questions, […]

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Them Hormones Are A-Raging

So yesterday, for some reason, I got into I-want-another-baby mode. Maybe it was because both of the kids were out of the house and I missed them. Maybe it was because my period was ending. Maybe it was because I had lost my mind. I don’t know. But I just thought about how awesome Punksin […]

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I So Need To Be A Vampire

I got an email from my doctor 2 days ago noting that I am extremely low in iron and that we need to do something about it. I’ve always had an iron-deficiency problem, but it seems to be getting worse as I age. Even when I was pregnant my OB-GYN noted that I was low […]

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Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

The downstairs bathroom smells like cat pee. Under any circumstances this would be considered unacceptable behavior from a bathroom, but in this instance it’s all the more amazing because of the fact that we don’t HAVE A FUCKING CAT. I cannot for the life of me understand where this odd odor is coming from. As […]

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Pet Peeve #983

I have called this list Annoying Things and Pet Peeve and it’s pissing ME off that I’m not being FUCKING CONSISTENT. That right there IS one of the things that annoys me most: inconsistency. However, if you think of that I am going to list something here about MYSELF, you are sadly mistaken. I beat […]

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The Great School Experiment Gets Cut Short

The kids started public school last week. The kids will be coming OUT of public school, THIS week. God does this school suck ass. I had hoped that within a year’s time I would gather enough material to make a book, but to be honest, the stuff I have heard and witnessed and had happen, […]

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Your Friendly Local Hacker

I recently came across an old post in which I said I was changing the Tech Guru’s name to Hacker. Guess THAT didn’t stick. I guess Tech Guru is better anyhow, because when it comes to hacking, he’s sort of a White Hacker. I don’t know if you read sci-fi/fantasy as I do, but in […]

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