Mixing It Up

I’m thinking that taking a Klonopin pill with a nice topped off glass of wine, rather than the advised glass of water, is not such a good idea.

And yet, that’s JUST what I just did.

Clonazepam tablets Klonopin 0.5mg.

My numbing pills…without them I would feel the pain and sometimes I need to feel the pain but sometimes…it’s just too fucking much. Like today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

JUST…as in a few minutes ago.

Today has been a doozy and it’s probably about to get wilder or crazier or more accident-prone for me, since I am already accident-prone. Did I mention that?

Hence, this will be a short post. Because my brain is quickly doing something that I have yet to define properly, maybe because I am not thinking straight. Not shutting down, I wouldn’t say its shutting down…just…going numb?

I don’t fucking know.

All I know is from last night the depression has hit with with a fucking wallop and I am just treading water now. Sink or swim? Sink or swim? How many times will I have to answer this fucking QUESTION already?

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