WHY Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

I have just discovered that my doctor has left the practice and has moved to another practice WAAAAAY far away.

Can you say FUCK, boys and girls?

This distresses me to no end.

I can’t say I LOVED her the way I LOVE my gynecologist, but I really liked her a lot, far more than any other doctor in the practice. And she’s the second doctor I liked there that left!

Is it me? I mean, I know I’m crazy but sheesh!

She’s moved to some practice that would take me about an hour to drive to. Believe me, I considered it. I drive across 3 states to see my gynecologist. I absolutely LOVE this woman; she pretty much has to retire and die to get rid of me. But I didn’t think I was that enamored of my GP to drive that far. While considering it, however, I did take a gander at the website of the practice she’s moved to.

And was aghast.

Okay, here’s where things get funky so I need to lay down some rules:

This is MY site.

The opinions voiced in this post, as in all other posts, are MY opinions. Some of them, you may find offensive, or counter to your beliefs. I don’t set out to offend people, honestly; I respect other people’s choices even when they are not the choices I would make.  I aim for laughs more than anything most of the time, but even then I don’t believe in getting them at someone else’s expense. However, there are times where I am going to say something that rubs someone the wrong way. When that happens, and you are the person being rubbed, you have two options:

You can NICELY, CIVILLY, POLITELY and perhaps with HUMOR, state your point of view.


You can go somewhere else, and don’t let the browser hit you in the ass on the way out.

Got it?



It would appear…

That the practice to which my formerly beloved – nah, maybe beLIKED? – doctor is going to, is affiliated and run by Catholics. Hard core Catholics, meaning, as they stated on their site, that:

We do not provide or refer for contraception, sterilization, abortion or IVF. We only provide fertility services for married couples.


English: Cover of Birth Control Review magazine

The abortion thing, I guess I could accept…somewhat. But not even contraception? We’re not talking terminating a life (and although I am pro-choice, the fetus, even in its early cellular stages, IS a living thing, just like bacteria and paramecium are ALIVE so PLEASE don’t try to engage me in rhetoric and semantics).  But birth control is just trying not to START a life. That, I don’t get. I know the Catholics are all about sex is for procreation not recreation, but I know plenty of Catholics that are rolling in the hay for the fun of it. And I do believe that if you are going to have a church that includes a ban on contraception, then that same church needs to take care of all of the people that are raped, have 12 kids, have kids with diseases…all those kids that are born to YOUR fold, you need to take care of them. And if you’re telling OTHER people not to have abortions or use birth control, then you need to take care of those kids too.

I am always stunned at how this country is going backwards. People want to tell me what to do with my body, but when the goddamn kid gets here, they’re on to the next project. If you REALLY want to save a life, don’t just save it so it can come out of the womb. Pay for pre-K! Send it to private school! Pay for dental and medical care, pay for baseball uniforms and ballet lessons and tutoring! Pay for college! Get that kid a fucking job! Make sure that that kid grows up to be a productive member of society!

Also, in this practice: if you’re not married…no baby for YOU.

This is something else I have feelings about. As a woman who grew up without a dad, I do feel strongly that kids should have two loving parents. Or rather that if the kid HAS two parents, that they should both be around and involved, regardless of their feelings for each other, unless one is abusive or something. But do they HAVE to be married? I used to think so…but now I don’t. Marriage is no guarantee of a loving stable home. And what about single women who want kids? Do they just get…nothing? Oh wait…maybe they should get raped? Because then they have to have the baby, if the Catholics get their way. AWESOME plan.

I’m guessing, although it has not been explicitly stated, that gay married couples might not be catered to either.


I guess I’ve been living in fantasy land – I tend to do that a lot – because I didn’t know that there were practices out there like this. Well, I sort of did, but I always thought they were out on the plains or in the Bible Belt. Not…here in NJ. (Although I DO have to say this place is in WESTERN NJ and that might as well be the boonies.)

Oddly enough, I had asked my GP about birth control a few months back when I was unable to get to my GYN for a refill. She just said that I needed to get back in touch with my GYN. I figured it was more about keeping the birth control coming from the original source, but now…I wonder. Hmmmmm…..

So now, I have to find a new doctor, because I’m not fond of the other doctors in the practice, and traveling that far to see a doctor in a practice that is so clearly anti-LIFE AS IT IS ON THE PLANET NOW, just is not going to be a comfortable fit for me.

AND, to make matters worse,  I’m on a deadline, because I have 6 Klonopin pills left. SIX. Six pills should TECHNICALLY last me for at LEAST another month…BUT, the very fact that I HAVE to find a new doctor will probably in itself send me into panic attacks and I’ll run through those 6 in about 3 fucking days.



And then FUCK again.



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