If you’ve read my About page – and really, by now, you should have – you know that I hate reality shows. I mean, HATE THEM WITH A PASSION.

There’s nothing remotely REAL about the Kardashians and they life they live. Or the Basketball Wives. Or whoever the hell else is on there, I don’t even know all of them because I just TUNE THAT SHIT OUT.

Come on. COME ON. You CAN’T think that crap is real. I mean, most of that stuff is fabricated for the cameras. The producers of these shows love DRAMA. And unfortunately, so do a lot of the people in the shows. Some people just thrive on it.

Then there’s the magazine ads showing off all the clothes that most of us cannot afford, and showing us people who don’t represent the majority of people in the world. They’re tall, and thin to the point of being gaunt. But they’re not marketing these clothes to Sudanese people, for God’s sake. Look around. Many people in the USA are not only short (by modeling standards) but overweight. Why are we selling them clothes by showing them how it looks on a toothpick?

English: Maasai woman.

Masai woman, who is NOT buying her clothes at Gucci or Prada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More unreality.

Then today I happen to look at the cover of Conde Nast Traveler from July. Actually the Tech Guru was looking at it, and I just heard him say “No, that’s not happening.” So of course I had to see what he was talking about because I’m nosy, and he pointed out how RIDICULOUS the cover is: a picture of a woman, walking a bicycle down a beautiful street in Stockholm.

In 4-inch heels.


Who the fuck is riding a bicycle in 4-inch heels? Really? I mean, is the bicycle just for show? Maybe she takes the heels off, throws them in the basket and then rides the bicycle. But if she’s going somewhere where she needs 4-inch heels, why is she riding a bicycle there? Then again, I suppose it is more eco-friendly. Over here we’d just hop in a car. Maybe that’s how they roll in Stockholm, how the hell do I know?

But I DO know that NO woman is attempting to ride a bicycle in 4-inch heels unless she is being chased by a serial killer. At which point, throw off the fucking heels and pedal like if your life depends on it. Cuz it does.

See, this is what I’m talking about. The media just throws around so much UNreality. What we see being portrayed is not real, even when they are insisting it is. I mean, enough of us growing up wished we could be the Brady Bunch or the Cosbys or the Partridge Family or whatever, but we knew it was scripted and not real. But now, they want us to believe that what we’re seeing on these shows is just the camera following these people silently around while they live everyday normal lives.

No. I’m not buying it. Sorry.

It’s just sad to me that so many people are enthralled with watching these shows. Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day it’s all entertainment and we all need a break from our own lives from time to time. And me watching basketball is, for all intents and purposes, the same waste of time as the next person watching Tia and Tamera, whatever the hell the name of their show is. In both cases, we’re sitting on our fat asses watching other people who are getting paid – for us to watch them.

And that right there is my problem with too much TV. Those people are GETTING PAID. And in most cases, they are doing what THEY love doing. Us, we’re sitting on the couch hour after hour (and those hours add up!) letting our lives go by, not pursuing OUR dreams, as we waste time watching other people fulfill theirs. I mean, I’m sitting here writing right now, and this is what I want to do with my life. But I don’t see one fucking person paying for the privilege of watching me do it. NOT ONE. So why the fuck am I watching the Mowry sisters doing whatever the shit it is they do, decide on the next show or buy baby clothes or whatever? Who cares?

English: Khloe Alexandra Kardashian (born June...

Khloe Kartrashian, who is famous only because her SISTER is famous for making a sex tape with someone ELSE who is famous because his SISTER…is a singer. So basically, ALL of these people are famous, because of Brandy. OKAY. And…I’m supposed to give a shit.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not real, people. Please know that. And even if it is real, whether it’s Blake Griffin posterizing yet another unsuspecting player,  or “REAL” Wife of (INSERT NAME OF MAJOR CITY HERE) going out to brunch and having arguments with other chicks because they’re all a bunch of trifling heifers, it’s not YOU doing something for yourself that you’ve always wanted to do. YOUR dream is out there waiting for YOU to go and claim it. Sure, grab a beer, take a break and watch some TV. But don’t let your life pass you by watching other people live theirs.

Go live yours.

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One Response to “Unreality”

  1. Country Girl says:

    LOL FIRST OF ALL I LOOOOVE REALITY SHOWS. I usually do not watch TV except an hour of news in the morning but I tape Locked Up Abroad, Hoarders and Housewives of Atlanta and watch them every couple of months. Do I think they are real? Locked up is an extreme example of what can happen if you are greedy and a risk taker, which I am not…its supposed to be a documentary but it is the story according to them…kindda on the same lines as a reality show. Hoarders, another extreme example of how mentally ill ppl posing as sane people live. Some of them need real help. DO I believe ppl live with rats and feed them or live with infestation of roaches so bad that they even eat them. yeah some ppl are nasty like that. Housewives is a bunch of fake, pretentious dumb ghetto rats who make a little money selling themselves. Not their body but their selves. LOL. I think it is funny to think that people will put themselves on TV and portray themselves as they do. Who would take a lawyer seriously that talks about having a donkey butt all the time? Its all entertainment and I happen to like laughing at people. I am always making jokes, taking “what the hell is that ” photos etc. I guess it is all in how you look at things. I do not think this is real and I never thought that some ppl may think it is. Girl you should watch some reality and get your laughs on too!! Its a stress reliever too.