The Kids Started Camp and….yawn

The kids started camp today.


Of course, I did not enjoy my first day of respite. I was waaaaay too wired and tired to enjoy it.

First of all, I had to get them up at about 7:30.

For those of you with kids that leave the house to attend school, this must be, like…normal or something.

It does not resemble anything even CLOSE to normal in this house. I usually don’t get up before 8:30, and when I do, I roll out of bed, get my oh-so-important tea, make breakfast and sort of ease into my day. I am so not a morning person.

So, what happens to me is, whenever I do have to get up early for any reason…

I sleep like shit. Because I’m so afraid that I will OVERsleep, that I just don’t sleep well at ALL.

Reason #1 why I don’t like early morning flights. Especially with kids. When I was single, I would just stay up all night and pack, get on the plane, and pass the hell out. Now, with kids, I STILL stay up all night and pack, and then…sit on the plane looking like a zombie while making sure my kids stay entertained and non-disruptive.

So…last night, I woke up at 3:30.

Went to take a pee.

Got back into bed.

Couldn’t sleep immediately.

Turned on an audiobook in hopes of being wooed to sleep.

Fell asleep.

Woke up AGAIN at 4:15.

Turned BACK on the audiobook, set the sleep timer AGAIN to 15 minutes.

15 minutes later, heard the audiobook turn off. Turned it back on and re-set it for 30 minutes.

30 minutes later…still awake.

More peeing.

Got back into bed.

Turned off audiobook in hopes of being just fucking BORED to sleep.

Saw the sky getting lighter.

Saw the Tech Guru get up at 5:30. Steadfastly refused to get up even though I only had another hour before I HAD to get up.

Lay there wide awake. For the full hour.

Got up, disgruntled and annoyed, at 6:30.

I took the kids to camp and came home, bathed, had breakfast…

And felt way too wired to go to sleep. Did some cleaning in hopes of wearing myself out.


Can I tell you how this SUCKS?

This was not a stellar first day, but I’m hoping that now that I know who goes where when, I will be a little more rested tomorrow. Today was a little crazy because I dropped Punksin off first, drove over to Pudding’s camp which looked eerily empty, so I assumed we were late.

We were, in fact, early. His camp starts a full hour after his sister’s and the drive between the two is only 15 minutes. So I guess he and I will be doing some dawdling in the mornings.

The afternoon, however, is helter-skelter, as I pick him up at 3:15 and need to pick Punksin up by 3:30. Today when I got there she was the last kid out there, and of course she assumed that I was not coming because I was dead. I was actually NOT dead, but rather driving around the fucking campus of Montclair State University trying to find the street that took me to her building. They sent a map home to me. The map is COMPLETELY FUCKING USELESS, because half the streets on there have now been blocked off by what appears to be never-ending construction, and THEN – and this part KILLS me – HALF the streets on the campus look like SIDEWALKS. So unless you actually go to the school regularly enough to know the ins and outs – which I don’t – you’re sitting at what you think is a dead end, because in front of you is a sidewalk with kids milling around on it and people walking, and then somebody driving behind you who actually knows what THE FUCK is going on, PASSES you and drives down that sidewalk, and for a minute you think it’s someone on a rampage that is going to just run over students and kill them, and you pull out your cellphone so you can take pictures and call CNN and talk about how you were there when it all happened and kids were running for their lives while some dude chased them down in an SUV like the Terminator and you would have chased them but then you realized that you had kids in your car and also that you drive a mini-Cooper and he would just roll over you in his monster-truck Escalade. But no. The kids move out of the way, the driver proceeds peacefully. Because everybody BUT YOU knows, it’s a DAMN STREET.

I mean, who is the CIVIL ENGINEER on this place? Someone, please, find him or her, and revoke their degree. Because this place is a COMPLETE FUCKING FAILURE of planning.

The other thing I’ve always noticed is how godawful ugly the campus is.

Freeman Hall, a residence hall for underclassm...

A building on Montclair State campus. Absolutely HEINOUS.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had the great fortune of attending two colleges with absolutely beautiful campuses. Vassar College is bucolic. After transferring to Wesleyan, I appreciated Vassar even more because I found Wes to be a bit lacking in character.

Well, lemme tell ya, after seeing Montclair State, Wesleyan is beautiful. Montclair State looks like shit. I just don’t understand why people make ugly buildings for people to work or study in. If a place is ugly, why the hell would you want to go there? But then you have to, and then you sit there feeling generally out of sorts and not even knowing WHY, and it’s because you’re sitting in an ugly building.

People who design ugly schools should be shot. What the hell kind of learning environment is that? Like cinder-block walls. Those are GREAT for prisons. NOT for schools. Then again, so many schools are run like prisons that I guess it fits.

Well, I will try again tomorrow to make some actual USE of my day.

Assuming, of course, that I can ACTUALLY GET SOME SLEEP.

English: A photo of the Thompson Library at Va...

English: A photo of the Thompson Library at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, taken by me on November 2, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) THIS…is what a college building should look like. OR…something modern but INSPIRING. Not DULL.







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  1. NayNay says:

    And my mom acts like I’m the only one who would rather stay up all night instead of taking a chance on oversleeping! Thank goodness my daughter is old enough now to let me take a nap on the plane while she reads quietly,