Pet Peeve #346

Okay, you know what I HATE?

Automobile speedometer, measuring speed in mil...

I hate when you are driving down a road at a nice clip – say, 60 or 70 mph. And there’s a car waiting to enter traffic. You see the car, and the car sees you. And YOU, in your INFINITE WISDOM, know that, based on the speed at which you are moving, and the quickly decreasing distance between you and the other car, that THAT car needs to WAIT UNTIL YOU PASS BEFORE ENTERING TRAFFIC.

But do they DO that? Do they WAIT?

NO. NO. NO, they DON’T.

What do they do?

Mosey the fuck on into traffic. Of course, because they were at a complete fucking STANDSTILL and they are not driving a car that goes from 0-60 in 5 seconds, they are going slowly. So what does this mean for YOU? YOU have to hit your brakes with force so that you can slow down to the speed at which THEY are entering, which is something like -65mph.

But wait! It gets better! Because you figure, well, if the jackass behind the wheel of that car insisted on entering traffic in front of me while I was going SO FAST, they must be raring to GO! They must really have somewhere to BE! Right? So you figure that once they build up speed, they will be flying just as you were, and allow you to resume the pace at which you were previously moving.


They enter in FRONT of you…

And then proceed to drive at 10 MILES PER HOUR.

WHAT the FUCK is THAT about?

This drives me BATSHIT. WHY do people do this? If you are going to be going that slowly, and you see me tearing down the street, do me AND yourself a favor and stay the fuck out of the way until I pass, at which point you are warmly and cordially invited to enter the stream of traffic at a leisurely pace. But for the LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY!


DRIVE AT 10 MILES PER HOUR. COME ON, PEOPLE! You cannot RUSH to be in front of me…and then decide to get all GODDAMN SLOW. You wanna BE slow, WAIT. You wanna tear out in front of me, PICK UP THE PACE! SHIT!


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