Pet Peeve #174

I hate when someone asks you to do something, and you’re not quite sure how to go about it, so you ask for clarification, and they pretty much just REPEAT THE SAME WORDS THEY SAID, which offers ZERO by way of clarification. If I didn’t understand what you meant the FIRST time you said it, why the hell do you think that merely REPEATING it, is going to somehow endow me with enlightenment? There’s a difference between “What did you say?” and  “Can you please CLARIFY what you said?”  The first asks you to repeat it. The second asks you to EXPLAIN it. There IS a fucking difference, yes?

Punksin is attending a camp for Gifted & Talented kids. Among her classes is one on Thomas Edison. She comes home last week and tells us that the teacher of this class has asked her and her family to come up with 5 problems that we have. I ask her what KIND of problems. She doesn’t know. Which pisses me off,  because it means she didn’t understand the assignment either and yet did not ask the teacher for more information. After setting her straight on THAT score, I decided that perhaps it would be helpful if I write to the teacher. She had actually sent an email to all the families in the class, as follows:Now, I know this is a class about Thomas Edison, so I’m assuming that the teacher wants us to think of problems that can somehow lead to… inventions? But, one thing I’ve learned is NOT TO ASSUME. To me, these instructions are not very clear. What kind of problems does she want the kids to address? So I send the teacher a reply: I don’t know…is it me? Because I thought I was asking for clarifications on the TYPES of problems she’d like the kids to be addressing. Here is her response: Problems…that need solutions. PROBLEMS…THAT NEED…SOLUTIONS. Please. Someone tell me… ARE there ANY FUCKING PROBLEMS that DON’T need solutions? And if so, could you please let me have some? Because pretty much EVERY PROBLEM I HAVE…NEEDS A GODDAMN SOLUTION. Someone, PLEASE, TELL me where I can get the PROBLEMS that DON’T NEED SOLUTIONS,  ’cause I NEED ME some of THOSE.

What the FUCK kind of answer IS this? Five problems that need solutions?  Are you fucking KIDDING me?

And THIS is one of many reasons for homeschooling my children. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think that all teachers are bad, nor are all schools. I dare say some of YOU are teachers and God so help us, I know you have a lot to contend with. But if you are a teacher, you also know that there are those hiding amongst you, who are LAZY FUCKS. And this is what this smacks of to me: laziness. Either that, or the poor woman was herself taught poorly and therefore cannot communicate properly, and THAT should be a hallmark of teachers everywhere, the ability to COMMUNICATE with both precision and clarity. Telling me that you need problems that need solutions is vague, unhelpful and quite frankly, fucking annoying.

This woman is so lucky that I love my daughter very very much, and that I try my best not to embarrass her. Because if I were maybe a little LESS medicated and a little more I-don’t-GIVE-a-shit, this would be my reply:


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