Blessed Sleep and Work Gets Done

No matter how cloudy it gets, the sun always comes back out.

Well, last night, I made sure I took a sleeping pill so that I would fall asleep. Because by 8:00 I was still feeling tired but wired, and I knew if I didn’t get any sleep, it would get evil up in here.

I am pleased to report that I knocked out another hefty chunk of words and fulfilled the daily quota I have set for myself BEFORE passing out.

AND, despite a 2:30 a.m. phone call to the Tech Guru from his office (I couldn’t believe he actually had to get out of bed to DO WORK), and my fear upon awakening that I was once again up for the night, I was able to get back to sleep.

I’ve lost a little weight though. 7 pounds to be exact. Over like 2-3 weeks. That’s one thing about me: a lot of people eat when they’re stressed, and I am the exact opposite. I stop eating and have ZERO appetite. The intense heat that we’re currently experiencing doesn’t help either. I’m not going to be gorging myself on food when it’s this hot. I don’t even want to take in anything hot (except at breakfast, when I must have my tea.)

But today is a good day. Except for the slight tremors that I get from the Wellbutrin, which I was warned about on CrazyMeds, I feel fine. I even look fine but I just wouldn’t trust me to perform laser surgery right now. And I’m excited about finishing up my P90 and taking things to the next level, and seeing how that contributes to my well-being overall.

Hope wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re having a good day too. Smooches.


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