Back Pain is a Pain in the…

I don’t know what the hell is going on with me, but I went from having bad neck pain…

to INSANE back pain. Not lower back, either, but middle back.


Okay, I have to say this, because this blog is open to the public at large:

You should NEVER EVER EVER take medication that has been prescribed for SOMEONE ELSE. It is dangerous, as there may be reasons why that medication should not be in your system, such as your needing a lower dose, interactions with other medications you may be taking, allergic reactions, etc. DON’T DO it.

Having said that

I ended up taking some of the Tech Guru’s medication for a back spasm he had. Had, like, 3 years ago. Meaning that the scrip had expired, and, of course, was never intended for me in the first place.

Hey. I was in a LOT of pain! I could barely move anything on my body without feeling as though I was being kicked in the kidneys or something. I was desperate. I wasn’t exactly having spasms, which is why the Tech Guru had the meds, but I was willing to try anything (clearly!) to see if I could dial down the pain some.

Pudding’s opinion is that I need to resume my workout, and since I have to admit that I have been slacking on the good old P90, I think he may have something there. (Damn it, I hate when the kids are right about shit.)

But, it seems so weird that it came on so suddenly. I woke up on Saturday morning feeling FINE. Went through the day feeling FINE. Starting getting little twinges of pain in the early evening, and by the time I emerged from my nighttime shower, I could hardly move.


Today was better. I did take another dose of the Flexeril (shut up!) and that helped. It also made me somewhat sleepy and slooow.

The Tech Guru asked me if this bothered me.

Tylenol 3, a compound of Tylenol (300 mg) and ...

Tylenol + codeine – the GOOD shit.

Obviously 10 years of marriage has not shown him that I actually prefer to be slightly incoherent and out of it.

I also went online to figure out what was better for the pain, Advil or Tylenol. Of course, there’s no one answer. Some say that Advil is better because it’s anti-inflammatory. Some say Tylenol is better and also doesn’t have the potential hazard of making your insides bleed, which, I have to say, is sort of a BAD SIDE EFFECT. Still, I’m a big fan of ibuprofen myself; I find the only thing that Tylenol really helps me with is fevers and body chills. But Tylenol WITH CODEINE? THAT stuff absolutely ROCKS. And I think I happen to have some left over from…

A Birth? A dental procedure? Hmmm….can’t remember. Which brings me to my next PSA:

DO NOT TAKE EXPIRED MEDICINE. This is not good for the financial health of the pharmaceutical companies your body, because they want you to pay more money for the same shit you already have at home  it could make you sick.

Having said that….

You know I am going to take mine, right?

I guess I should visit a doctor…but back pain is so goddamn vague. It’s like my sinus pain: people just throw drugs at it in the hopes that something will stick, because they can’t really pinpoint what the problem is since there are a million things that could be causing it. But it is a little worrisome. Lower back pain, I am used to. This middle of the back thing – it sort of reminds me of being pregnant, which I am so NOT, so I am a little puzzled – and yes, concerned – as to what the hell is going on.

I figure I’ll do what most people do: wait it out and hope it goes away. I mean, it can’t be THAT serious, right? I looked on WebMD and all the serious stuff had other symptoms as well, like vomiting, bleeding, dizziness, you know, symptoms that are pretty much telling you “Get thee hither to yon doctor.” I don’t have all that stuff. I just have…a very stiff back that you could iron a shirt on.

Stay tuned.


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