A Plethora of Pet Peeves

I know: you’ve been reading the past few days of posts and seeing pet peeve after pet peeve after pet peeve and now you’re wondering: what crawled up HER ass?

The whole over/under thing is thankfully NOT one of my pet peeves. I think that’s just fucking anal and stupid. What DOES piss me off is when you’ve already commenced your potty business only to discover that the last person did NOT REPLACE THE NOW EMPTY ROLL.

Well, I was wondering that myself. I try as much as possible to be self-aware so that I don’t inflict too much of my bitchiness on my family. When I notice that the mere sound of the Tech Guru breathing is pissing me the fuck off, or find myself wanting to tell the kids to “STOP FUCKING ARGUING about EVERY! GODDAMN! THING! FUCK!“, then I know it’s time to check myself.

So here’s the deal:

First of all, I’ve been forgetting a few of my meds here and there. I have a LOVELY app on my iPhone that is supposed to help me keep track of all the stuff I should be taking (which really, as far as my sanity goes, is only 2 pills daily, but I throw in my vitamins and the kids vitamins too because I WILL forget). But of course I forgot to update the app, and because I was a lazy heifer I decided that it would just be better to turn off the reminders until I updated everything and that was oh, maybe…a YEAR ago?


The other thing is, yes, I am PMS-ing. And when that happens, I swear, I could eat my young, that’s how feral I get.

All of the pet peeves I’m writing about, past and future, are things that genuinely annoy the hell out of me. But they do annoy me a lot MORE right about now and so…I’m writing about them. DEAL WITH IT.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Public Service Announcement, which has been issued for the safety of the community at large. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program (which means feel free to click around on the site and read other shit I’ve written, not LEAVE, GODDAMMIT. FUCK! Do I have to explain EVERYTHING to you people?)

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