What Happens When People Don’t Communicate with Me Properly

I have to admit…I rarely check my email anymore. It’s just not that exciting, or necessary. Most of it is junk crap that I signed up for over the years, everything from daily affirmations to deals from Groupon to blah blah blah. Who cares? I get a lot of coupons there too, but when I need one, I just go in, do a search for the latest email from whatever company, print it out or send it to my iPhone, and move on.

Well, I happened to take a gander at my email the other day and noticed that the Tech Guru had sent me a link.


Banana on Pancake

Yes, this looks yummy. Who’s cooking? Banana on Pancake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m guessing – I DON’T KNOW, I COULD BE WRONG – that he wants me to make these lemon poppyseed pancakes that he sent to me. It’s just a WILD RANDOM GUESS. I COULD BE OH. SO. WRONG. What kills me is, there’s no note. Like “please make these” or “do you like these?” or “these make want to vomit” or “I will pay you a million fucking dollars if you make these.” Or my personal favorite, “I will be making these tomorrow morning while you sleep in because you are so goddamn fabulous in a totally unique and psychotic way.” There’s no note WHATSOEVER. JUST the LINK.

So I clicked on it.

And I saw it.

And I closed it.


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