Preparation for My Staycation: Bath Bombs and Bath Trays and Wine, Oh My

I hate that word, staycation, but I have to admit it’s sort of appropriate for what’s going to be going on around here when THE KIDS GO TO CAMP.

So I’ve been doing some prep work.

First, I bought some bath bombs.

You should note that in the past several years, I have barely GLANCED at a goddamn bath bomb. If you’re over the age of 7, you’re not really taking that many baths around here. That was one excuse. The other was those broken tiles in the bathtub surround, which were RIGHT by where you would put your head. EW. First it was covered over with duct tape. But every time I would shave my legs, I didn’t even want to put my FOOT there and finally I just had enough and FIXED THE TILES MYSELF. The honest truth is, the bathroom needs gutting. But I just wanted to get it fixed enough to be able to give the kids a bath without them sitting at the farthest end of the bathtub looking grossed out at the old mortar at the other end.

So now, we have not merely a usable bathtub again, but a clean-looking one. And Pudding took a bath yesterday and wanted bubbles and I didn’t HAVE any bubbles so I threw in a bath bomb that someone had given me as a sample when I bought some soap. And it fizzed and bubbled and made the water soft and lovely and I thought…wait a minute. WTF? I should be in there with that.

And then I realized…I can TAKE A BATH with some BATH BOMBS. When the KIDS ARE IN CAMP.

That will be so awesome, to come home and take a late morning bath in scented water, with a cup of tea…okay, okay a glass of wine, you know me too well. And a book. And some jazz, or classical music, or neo-soul. Or maybe even SILENCE, because that is entirely too rare around here! And to just soak in that and be alone will be lovely.

At least I hope so. The one thing I’m worried about is that with all that time on my hands I’ll have even more time to think and be depressed. But I think – I’m hoping – that by looking forward to it, and filling it with good activities, some peaceful, some playful, and then of course some WRITING, that I will manage to keep my worst thoughts at bay.

So NOW, the NEXT thing that I want that I have never purchased, is a bath tray. Or bath caddy. You know those things that straddle the bathtub and you can put your book and your candles and your drink and whatever else and just sit there feeling all cozy?


I want to be in this photo. Very very badly.

I saw this BEAUTIFUL one on Etsy. As with most things that I absolutely fall in love with, it is way more money than I need to spend on a non-essential item right now. I mean, I could argue that it’s essential for my sanity, but since my insurance isn’t covering it, I can only go but so far with that argument. But I love it because it’s wide and gives me the ability not only to hold more things, but I can WRITE ON IT. I mean, if I were a different kind of girl I would even consider using my MacBook on it, but I’m self-aware enough to know that THAT scenario (MacBook + me + bath) can only end in DISASTER. But…isn’t it lovely? I mean, I look at this picture and fall in love. It’s handcrafted by PegandAwl (click on the link to see it on Etsy but DO NOT BUY IT OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN) and I…I just love it.


One day…

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