Delicious Thunder

This morning I awoke to the loud rumblings of thunder.

I love thunderstorms. There’s something so amazingly powerful carried in that energy, and although it’s the lightning that does the most damage and gives incredible visuals, the bass of the unseen thunder is what really moves me.


I lay there, soaking it all in. Waiting for thunder is like watching a suspense movie: you know something is about to happen but you’re just not quite sure when. And when it comes, you still don’t know if it will be the soft rumbling of a purring cat or the loud roar of the king of the jungle.

There were a few moments, of course, where I hoped that there would be no repeats of the Tree-Falling-On-House fiasco. That would certainly have soured the whole experience.

But no, there was none. Just high-pitched cracks, followed by low, loud booms.

I love thunder.


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